Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment Michalis Polynikis of Cyprus

it would be feasible for tankers to ship up to 10.
Polynikis said enriching the underground water supply with the water was “necessary because there is a danger of oversalination of water if the underground water table is weakened.
To illustrate the point, Polynikis said the 1.
Asked whether the water cuts to households might be suspended during the holidays, Polynikis said this was out of the question.
AGRICULTURE minister Dr Michalis Polynikis is a true son of Paphos, even though the sophisticated way he speaks would fool most people.
Only recently, Dr Polynikis had sold 12 donums of Paphos land by the sea for a sum believed to be in the region of £14 million; and he owns several hundred more donums.
Dr Michalis Polynikis was appointed Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Environment on 29 February 2008.
Near critical water shortage in CyprusBy Alethea ReynoldsThe Agriculture Minister Michalis Polynikis has said that Greece has offered to supply Cyprus with eight million cubic metres of water.
Water import schedule on timeBy Andy IoannouAgriculture Minister Michalis Polynikis has said that plans are on schedule concerning vital water imports to Cyprus.
Michalis Polynikis said authorities would decide within 10 days whether it would be feasible for tankers to ship up to 300,000 cubic meters (10.
Polynikis said Lebanon would provide the water free in gratitude for Cyprus help in the evacuation of Lebanese nationals during a monthlong war with Israel in the summer of 2006.
Polynikis said an alternative would be to ration water to each household in order to avoid outright cuts.
Agriculture Minister Michalis Polynikis has condemned the incident, describing it as a "malicious act.
But Cypriot Agriculture Minister Michalis Polynikis said that the water has been deemed unsuitable for consumption because of its bad odour and will be channeled into an aquifer rather than directly into the island\'s water network.
Polynikis said the government was pursuing two channels of assistance to the farmers: state aid and EU solidarity funds.
Cypriot Agriculture Minister Michalis Polynikis denied that the dumped water went to waste, saying in the article that it was also important to supplement the island’s groundwater supply.
Polynikis said Lebanon is willing to give Cyprus large quantities of water free of charge, so the only cost would be transportation.
Polynikis said he was searching for the "least painful" alternative for Cypriot citizens.
Although opposed to water cuts, Polynikis said a quota system on consumption would "send the message to ordinary people that they must conserve water.