Minister of Communications and Works Nicos Nicolaides of Cyprus

Nicolaides was able to extend his experience of theatre (he had already had an introduction through attending performances given in Cyprus by visiting Athenian companies) when he became acquainted with Christomanos and theatrical circles in Athens.
COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER Nicos Nicolaides met with Hermes airport operator yesterday evening to examine the situation concerning the ground-handling services of Swissport and LGS.
State could pull licences from Cyprus airport ground handlersBy Andy IoannouTransport Minister Nicos Nicolaides has not ruled out the possibility of revoking the licences of two ground handling services at Larnaca and Paphos airports after a series of embarrassing blunders.
Communications Minister Nicos Nicolaides said today that the increased cost is due to the fact that the new system involved 480 cameras island-wide, instead of just 150 cameras of the old type.
Nicolaides said the increased cost would be worthwhile if it could contribute towards saving human lives.
Transport Minister Nicos Nicolaides has fined the two airports ground handlers, Swissport-Vassilopoulos and LGS Handling, with EUR 112,000 for delays in baggage collection and other incidences, such as refusal to allow a drunk passenger to board an aircraft because Civil Aviation had not been informed.
Minister of Communications and Works Nicos Nicolaides said that to our great satisfaction, we can say that today a decisive step is being made towards our strategic goal to render Cyprus an important hub of transport in the Eastern Mediterranean region.
Referring to the new passenger building, Nicolaides said it has a modern design and is a construction of high standards.
eight months from the day the Council of Ministers gives the go ahead.
cameras across the island in three stages.
problems that continue to exist at the airports.
Nicos Nicolaides was appointed Minister of Communications and Works on 29 February 2008.
Mr Nicos Nicolaides was born in Limassol in 1953.
Nicos Nicolaides is recognized as one of the major prose writers not only of Cyprus but more generally of modern Greek literature.
At that time, one Nicos Nicolaides was a CyBC technician in Paphos and was unaware that his life was about to change forever.
Communications minister Nicos Nicolaides says the new system, which is expected to cost around US$40 million (Euro 27 million) is likely to include 440 fixed and 40 mobile cameras.