Minister of Justice Jiri Pospisil of Czech Republic

Pospíšil zvažuje kárná řízení Prague - Czech Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil is considering initiating disciplinary proceedings against 10 to 14 judges from north Bohemia over protractions in handling of cases, he told a press.
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Print View Czech Justice Minister Presents Draft Criminal Code, Invites Public to Comment6/1/2007 9:01 AMThe Civic Democrat Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil has presented the draft of a new penal code.
Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil says he would now like to find broad agreement in Parliament and that is why articles regarding euthanasia -traditionally opposed by the Christian Democrats - have been left out.
International child abduction cases in the Czech Republic will be assigned to ten specially-selected judges at the Brno District and Brno Regional courts, if a bill that was presented by the Czech Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil is adopted.
200611:00 (GMT)The Czech government has agreed with the establishment of an institute that would administer and publish documents from the Communist era better than now, Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil said after a cabinet meeting today, according to CTK news agency.
Forty-six wiretappings were applied in the investigation into the leaks from the "Kubice report," which involves two politicians, two journalists, three policemen and one physician, Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil said in the Chamber of Deputies earlier Friday.
him and two other Civic Democrat officials of corruption.