Deputy Prime Minister Martin Bursik of Czech Republic

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Bursik has concentrated on protecting the environment since his studies in the later 1980s.
Bursik is very able and he is one of the very few Czech politicians that is worth listening to.
Mr Bursik said Monday that this required an explanation.
former deputy prime minister and regional development minister Jiri Cunek.
Martin Bursik Bursik has concentrated on protecting the environment since his studies in the later 1980s.
Bursik said that all companies have had seven years to bring themselves into compliance, and those that do not meet standards at the beginning of next year will be closed down.
Bursik said that smaller state-owned facilities, such as schools and hospitals, were a problem and the government was offering aid to help them comply with the new rules.
Bursik is the first cabinet minister to join the campaign that marks the anniversary of a March 10, 1959 Lhasa uprising against Chinese occupation.
We do not want a general ban on the European transport of waste but we want to give member states the right to decide themselves whether to partially or fully limit the export of waste, Bursik said after a meeting with his German counterpart, Sigmar Gabriel.
Bursik said he would seek support for his initiative to revise the EU's framework directive on waste from Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.
PRAGUE) - Czech government officials will likely decide next week on the fate of the country's education minister, under fire for failing to tap EU funding, Deputy Prime Minister Martin Bursik said Sunday.
Czech Deputy PM and Greens chairman Martin Bursik said that Klaus risks making a fool of himself by his answers and this could also harm the Czech Republic's reputation.
Bursik said that the confrontation between Klaus and Gore cannot end in favour of the Czech president since unlike Gore, Klaus has not been dealing with the topic for the whole of his life, but he only comments on it.
Asked whether his fellow Green party minister should resign, Bursik said in an interview with public Czech Television: 'The situation is serious.
Bursik said part of the problem stemmed from people competent in EU funds leaving the education ministry.
Bursik said that the Tibetan Plateau was facing a strong pressure.
Bursik said he was aware of the need to discuss the cooperation with China.
Bursik said that he knew his Chinese partner as he seemed to be an "open-minded man.
Bursik said that he would also like to speak with Chinese ambassador in Prague.
Bursik is deputy prime minister and environment minister.
Greens chairman Martin Bursik has so far always survived all pressures and the party deputies' group stands by him loyally, Machacek says.
Bursik was verbally attacked during the election of.
Martin Bursik leads Greens to Chamber of Deputies.
The voter support of the Greens Party oscillated around 3 percent when Bursik was elected its chairman last autumn, but since then the support has risen steeply.
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that old melon metaphor for the Greens.
September, when Chairman Martin Bursik took over.
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Bursik said that the four countries will seek a strengthening of the principle that waste must be treated at the nearest site with cross-border shipments only permitted localised shipments at a June meeting of EU environment ministers.