Ambassador to the US Petr Kolar of Czech Republic

Before departing for Washington Kolar was presented with an item of glass artwork in appreciation for devoting the time to visit.
Our focus is educational outreach,” said Council President Patrick Ryan, “and the opportunity to host distinguished visitors like Petr Kolar is a tremendous opportunity to connect students with the world beyond their classrooms.
Nevertheless, Klaus who has been president since 2003 and was re-elected in 2008 is often referred to as euro-skeptic or euro-phobic in the press, but Kolar said the president is simply giving voice to a relatively small segment of the Czech Republic who feel the move toward integration is happening too fast, and at the expense of their national identity.
Hes articulating some concerns that are relevant so dont say shut up, Kolar said with a smile.
Furthermore, Kolar said its important to remember that the EU is an unparalleled entity that has helped to stave off the wars and division that plagued the continent for centuries.
Thats exactly why Kolar said his country of 10 million is excited about the EU presidency and has committed the time and resources to do the job right, which includes launching an official Web site, www.
Kolar said his country has devised a leadership agenda consisting of three interrelated Es: the economy, energy and external relations.
Ambassador Kolar was also a researcher at various institutes, including the Institute for International Relations in Prague, the Norwegian Nobel Institute, the Institute for Strategic Studies in Prague, and the Institute for Contemporary History of the Czechoslovak Academy of Science.
Ambassador Petr Kolar says people in the Czech Republic have been following the museum's progress for the past few months.
With degrees from Prague’s Charles University in Information Technology and Library Science and in Ethnography, and post-graduate research at the Woodrow Wilson International Center and the University of London’s Institute of Historical Research, Ambassador Kolar takes a forward-looking approach to relations, but understands the importance of looking to the past and learning its lessons as well.
Kolar takes the example of the Balkans.
Asked about his country’s President’s views, Kolar says that Vaclav Klaus believes it is “important to have a serious debate of all experts, both pro and con.
In the meantime, however, Kolar is focusing on “being Ambassador to all of the US, not just DC.
Kolar has been an active supporter of UNO and has visited the campus on several occasions.
Kolar was named Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland in 1999, and in 2003 became the Czech Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Bilateral Relations.
Ambassador Petr Kolar receives the Leadership in International Relations Award from the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute | Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.
PRAGUE - Petr Kolar was a continent away from his home in the Czech Republic, but it made little difference as he looked around a packed house at Kolac Korner.
Kolar said he had heard from others that Czechs in Nebraska were proud of their heritage.
Standing beneath both the American flag and the Czech Republic flag that hung from the wall, Kolar said the people of this area demonstrate an American proudness.
Kolar said it was also evident that the Czech descendents still valued some core principals from the homeland, such as hard work and dedication to family.
Before being appointed Ambassador to the United States, Kolar was Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Bilateral Relations.
But Kolar described his time spent in Prague Wednesday night as the best part of being a diplomat.