Deputy Prime Minister Petr Necas of Czech Republic

But Czech Social Affairs Minister Petr Necas has denied the charge saying that only cots with high sides are being used.
Necas said the real value of the pension in 2008 will equal over 108 percent of its value in 1989 and 40 percent of the average salary.
present, which is one-half of all employed foreigners.
Petr Necas was a participant or observer in the following events: October 16, 2001: Czech Minister Refuses to Confirm Atta Meeting with Iraqi Agent in PraguesEL('1626004942-32863','32863') Referring to the claim that 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta met with Iraqi Counsel al-Ani on April 8, 2001 (see April 8, 2001), Stanislav Gross, the Czech interior minister, states, I can only confirm one visit in the summer and Petr Necas, chairman of the parliamentary defense committee, says, I havent seen any direct evidence that Mr.
Necas said the reasons for the restrictions had no real economic basis but were motivated by domestic politics and he labelled them "populist.
Deputy Prime Minister Petr Necas said the Czech central state budget gap could reach 70 billion crowns ($3.