Minister of Culture Vaclav Jehlicka of Czech Republic

Jehlicka said two weeks ago that the EU project was not to compete with the UNESCO list.
Jehlicka said it was a mere coincidence that the bill was discussed in the period before the presidential elections.
Vaclav Jehlicka has been appointed culture minister.
Senator Vaclav Jehlicka has been appointed culture minister.
Culture minister Vaclav Jehlicka has pledged to punish any employee found to be responsible for uploading the copy of the comic romancer, on which the message "For the internal use of the Czech Ministry of Culture" clearly appears.
tablets would be made of resin instead of bronze, a copper alloy.
Czech Culture Minister Vaclav Jehlicka said Wednesday he wants to help secure the cemetery, but officials from the Terezin Memorial say they lack funds for proper security.
Jehlicka discussed Jezek, the NK project and Jezek's election candidacy with the KDU-CSL national committee members on Tuesday.
If the KDU-CSL drew consequences from Jehlicka's partial mistake, this would be the same mistake that the one Jehlicka has made, Sojdrova said.
Jehlicka said that many mistakes made by builders could still be corrected.
Jehlicka said today an international architectonic contest should not be called without setting a financial limit for the building.