Minister of Education and Nordic Cooperation Bertel Haarder of Denmark

Haarder was first elected to the Folketing (Parliament) in 1975.
Bertel Haarder is famous within Venstre and Venstres Ungdom for his ability to write humorous and satirical songs.
Bertel Haarder is also a very talentet Croquet-player and he is a double champion of the John Player's Invitational tournament at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU.
Haarder has a distinguished political career, where amongst others, he has held office as Minister of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs 2001-2004, as Minister of European Affairs during the Danish EU-presidency 2001-2002, as Vice president of the European Parliament and Rapporteur on Human Rights 1997-1999 and President of Ventres (Denmarks Liberal Party) Parliamentary Group in the Folketing 1997-2001.
Haarder has also worked as College Lecturer at the Aalborg Seminarium (Teacher Training College) 1973-1975 as well as Folk High School Teacher at Askov Hjskole 1968-1973.
Haarder has published 9 books, amongst other debating the Danish Welfare State and Danish EU policies.
Education Minister Bertel Haarder has been on an official visit to China from 19 to 26 September.
Bertel Haarder was born in 1944 in Southern Jutland.
Haarder is the author of ten book on Danish political issues.
Integration Minister Bertel Haarder has announced plans to cut cash welfare assistance to Somali parents who send their children on so-called reconditioning trips to Somalia, to undo the influence of Western culture.
Haarder said that the percentage of asylum seekers to Denmark who end up getting asylum was now the highest in the EU, at 43 percent.
Haarder denied the government was hostage to the DPP, which became the third largest party in November by winning 22 of 179 seats in parliament.
As integration Minister Mr Bertel Haarder has the responsibility For the establishment of modern time concentration camps in Denmark.
According to Jyllands-Posten, Mr Haarder is convinced that his EU colleagues will show great interest in what a civil servant calls "Return Airways", and he will try to convince his colleagues that it would be profitable for them to copy a Danish model, according to which Afghan refugees are paid 18.
BERTEL HAARDER is Denmark's Minister for Refugees, Immigrants and Integration Affairs.
Minister Haarder is a member of Denmark's Liberal Party and began his long public service career as a member of the Folketinget for the North Jutland and Copenhagen County constituency in 1975 and 1977 respectively.
Haarder joined the European Parliament in 1994 and served as its Vice-President from 1997-1999.