Minister of Climate and Energy Connie Hedegaard of Denmark

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The Danish Climate and Energy minister Connie Hedegaard is visiting Thisted on the 20th of November.
Denmark's minister for climate and energy Connie Hedegaard has to try to persuade world leaders that action on the environment is essential even in difficult times.
In fact, Hedegaard has less of a bleak outlook on the financial crisis than many observers.
Hedegaard is also committed to working with another large greenhouse-gas emitter that does not have binding emissions reduction targets -- China.
Connie Hedegaard is a Danish blogger, journalist, and politician.
Since 2007, Connie Hedegaard has been behind Denmark’s energy successes.
It might surprise American readers to know that renewable energy champion Connie Hedegaard is politically conservative by Danish standards, which could be considered slightly to the left of mainstream Europe.
Connie Hedegaard was also invited.
Connie Hedegaard is dedicated to making this conference work despite what sometimes may seem like long odds, and she is already heavily engaged in preparing and planning for it.
Noting that the spiralling price of oil has caused domestic instability in the form of strikes and road blockades in Europe and elsewhere, and disruptions on the oil rigs in Nigeria or the Norwegian production platforms in the North Sea send Wall Street trembling and cause havoc among the crude-oil dealers in Rotterdam, Ms Hedegaard said the situation calls for a switch in both energy planning and sources, especially in view of the rapid population growth worldwide.
Ms Hedegaard was appointed Minister for the Environment in 2004 and held that position until 2007, when she was made Climate and Energy Minister.
police, should the ship turn up on Asian scrapping yards.
The Danish minister for the Environment Connie Hedegaard has also announced that she will file a complaint with police, should the ship turn up on Asian scrapping yards.
Connie Hedegaard was thus sending an important message to developing countries, while at the same time she was putting some pressure on the US," said Lars Aagaard, Vice President of the Danish Energy Association, in his comments concerning the speech that Climate Minister Connie Hedegaard gave today at the climate summit on Bali.
Connie Hedegaard is inviting the US to assume a global leadership role in the climate area.
Climate minister Connie Hedegaard has presented the retreating gletcher at Jakobshavn, Greenland as a prime example of climate change to visiting politicians for three years now, and she intends to keep on doing so, she wrote to 180 degrees in an E-mail.