Minister of Health and Prevention Jakob Axel Nielsen of Denmark

Nielsen was born in Terndrup and grew up in the region of Himmerland.
Mr  Jakob Axel Nielsen Danish Minister for Health and Prevention, Denmark Jakob Axel Nielsen has served as the Danish Minister for Health and Prevention since the ministry's inception in November of 2007.
Since completing his law degree at Aarhus University in 1994, Minister Nielsen has served in a wide range of public and private service posts including Barrister, Aalborg from 1997 to 2000; Barrister, SONOFON Holding, A/S from 2001 to 2005 and Minister of Transport and Energy immediately preceding assumption of duties in his current post.
Nielsen has “big expectations” for the aforementioned commission.
For Eli Lilly Danmark’s Managing Director, Angel Perez-Agenjo, the key is that Nielsen is open to cooperation by the healthcare industry, which has “worldwide best practices that we can bring here.
Reflecting on his visit to Australia, Jakob Axel Nielsen has the following comment: “Denmark and Australia have many similarities when it comes to our strong emphasis on high quality care.
Jakob Axel Nielsen has a law degree from Århus University in Denmark.
The Danish Minister for Transport and Energy, Jakob Axel Nielsen was pleased with the Danish involvement in the British wind power venture.
very fortunate that passengers were unharmed.
Jakob Axel Nielsen is a member of the Defence Committee and lawyer for SONOFON Holding.