Minister of Transport Lars Barfoed of Denmark

Later on it was concluded from the report that the situation only had become better while Barfoed was in office, and that the problems was dating back to former Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Ritt Bjerregaard.
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A report from Rigsrevisionen had criticized the food quality inspections which is his ministry's responsibility, as well as the information which Barfoed had passed on to Folketinget about the problems.
Lars Barfoed expressed his deep interest in "safe and healthy foods" and was happy to meet the "users" of the public inspections.
Barfoed said the discovery of bird flu in Denmark did not come as a surprise.
Barfoed said at a news conference that he had handed his resignation to the prime minister, who accepted it.
Barfoed had admitted a reduction in food inspections, but blamed the Veterinary and Food Administration, which is an agency under his own Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs.
Barfoed said monitoring would continue and expected the next results on Saturday.
Speaking in Beijing, Barfoed said that the main purpose of the trip had been to gain better access for Danish pork to the Chinese market.
Conservative parliamentarians expressed anger over the action by the populists and said the move against Barfoed was unfair.
Barfoed had been consumer affairs minister for the past two years.
Barfoed said Sunday he was waiting for the outcome of a review.