Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Crispin Gregoire of Dominica

Crispin Gregoire is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Dominica.
Throughout his distinguished career, Ambassador Gregoire has produced a number of publications, including: “NGO Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: Problems and Needs” Journal of Social Economy and Law and “Think Tanks as Policy Catalysts in Africa –Governance and Management Strategies.
Ambassador Gregoire received his formal education in Dominica at the Grand Bay Boys’ School and the Saint Mary’s Academy and at Columbia University in New York City and Howard University in Washington, DC.
Gregoire was Director of Consulting and Training for Africa and Latin America at BoardSource in Washington, D.
Gregoire has had a diversified career, in areas ranging from television news production to non-governmental organizations.
Gregoire has also been a Field Office Director for the Save the Children Federation in Westport, Connecticut (1984-1989), an Associate Producer for CBS News in New York (1984), a Program Associate for Appropriate Technology International in Washington, D.
Gregoire has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Columbia University and a Masters in Education from Howard University.
In a recent UN Assembly meeting, Dominicas UN Ambassador Crispin Gregoire said CARICOM was recommending an intensification of the decolonisation of 16 self-governing territories in the world, including the Cayman Islands.
Mr Gregoire said that, with only three years remaining before the end of the UNs Second Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism, it was time for the political status of the 16 territories to be defined.
So far no Caricom country has been approached although some people have felt that The Bahamas could be a compromise," Mr Gregoire was quoted as saying.
Mr Gregoire said with three years to the end of the UN's second decade of decolonisation it was time for the political status of the 16 to be defined.
Mr Gregoire says the Caribbean faces some challenges in this matter.