Minister of Housing, Lands, and Telecommunications Reginald Austrie of Dominica

Austrie said when funding is received, materials are procured for works on needy people's homes.
Reader OpinionsBIBIJAN 12 • The Housing Revolution Mr Austrie is talking about are the right persons benefiting? This program in Portsmouth is a waste of time.
Austrie had retracted their false and slanderous statements.
George was formerly Minister of Agriculture, while Austrie was Minister of Communications, Works and Housing.
Austrie said that Dominica had identified a suitable site for a storage facility that could accommodate up to 12 storage tanks.
RightBut Dominica Energy Minister Reginald Austrie said his country believed that Petrocaribe would help Dominica to reduce its high electricity bill.
Austrie said the Dominica government did not intend to turn its back on Trinidad, which supplies some 60,000 barrels of oil daily to other Caribbean nations.
DOMINICA-ENVIRONMENT-Dominicans to discuss construction of oil refinery ROSEAU, Dominica, CMC – Energy Minister Reginald Austrie says a team of Venezuelan engineers will arrive here in January to discuss the construction.
Minister Austrie has flatly denied Marpin's claims, repeating an often stated position that applications for telecommunications licences go to ECTEL for processing after going through the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), and that the minister is only advised by the NTRC after a decision has been taken on whether or not to grant a licence.
Pan Caribbean Holdings would own 65 percent of the new company called Marpin Wireless and Marpin Telecoms and Broadcasting would contribute its licence for a 35 percent share, something Austrie said the local company could not do because the licence remained the property of the government.
Date2007/3/23 8:21:10 | Topic:MarchMinister for Energy, Reginald Austrie has questioned the commitment of Dominica Electricity Services (DOMLEC) to lowering the price of electricity here, and has called on the country’s lone power provider to do all in its ability to reduce the cost or admit that the company cannot do the job and leave the country.
Speaking to the media at the site on Monday, Minister with responsibility for PetroCaribe, Reginald Austrie described the day as an “historic day” for Dominica.
Minister of Housing Reginald Austrie said that the government will be taking into consideration the impact on the less fortunate.
Minister of Housing, Lands and Telecommunications Reginald Austrie said that the government will be taking into consideration the impact that the international recession will have on the less fortunate in the country.
Austrie has said that building a refinery in Dominica would provide the public and industry with cheaper fuel and decrease its reliance on refined products coming from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.
Austrie said Dominica approached PetroCaribe as a strictly economic deal.
Speaking at the press conference, Minister of Communications and Works, Reginald Austrie said that the reductions were in accordance with the announcement that charges for the labour of stevedores and longshoremen will be reduced by 25 percent.
Minister Austrie said the cut is an effort to enhance efficiency and to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global environment.
Austrie said the new cargo charges for a 20-foot container would move from $388 to $257.
coming from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.
Reginald Austrie has confirmed that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was conducted with respect to the construction of the Fuel Storage and Distribution Facility at Jimmit.
Austrie took the opportunity to apologise to the Government and people of Venezuela on behalf of the Government of Dominica for some of the negative criticisms directed at the Government of the South American country in recent times.