Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit of Dominica

Skerrit is currently the youngest head of government in the world.
Skerrit has forged a close relationship with leftist leaders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, which has resulted in Dominica receiving substantial aid from Cuba and Venezuela.
A Caribbean Development Research Services Inc (CADRES) poll conducted between February 2nd and 5th 2007 found that Prime Minister Skerrit was the most popular leader in the country with 58% of respondents favouring his leadership.
As of July 2008, Skerrit is the youngest elected national leader in the world.
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Skerrit received this Wednesday a Venezuelan delegation led by the Minister of the People's Power for Tourism, Olga Azuaje, in order to check the progress of the 11 projects that are being carried out between both nations and to design an action plan for their execution.
At the 60th International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting held in Chile recently, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said his Cabinet had made the position not to support Japan with its traditional pro-whaling vote.
Skerrit said that the governments in St Vincent and St Kitts were informed by Taipei that it had invested heavily in the UWP's 2005 election bid.
If Roosevelt Skerrit is quoting from a document why does he ask me to put out the document, put out the document himself, and that is the foolishness of what he is saying," he said.
James, who served as prime minister in the period 1995 to 2000, said the latest disclosure from Skerrit is a diversionary tactic and his party's campaign financing was above board.
Skerrit has also indicated that he would make public later this week, the contents of the MOU reached with Beijing.
ROSEAU, Dominica--Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said Thursday he will meet with evangelicals in Dominica seeking restrictions on gay cruises, which have drawn some protests elsewhere in the Caribbean.
Bill Daniel, the group's president, said Skerrit had not contacted him to schedule a meeting -- which the association had demanded.
Roosevelt Skerrit is continuing the legacy of the late Rosie Douglas.
China, in the United States of America, in Mexico, in Venezuela, these are principles that were started by Rosie.
Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has found himself in a public battle for the past few weeks against his political foes and a media house over allegations of corruption.
Skerrit took over the government in January of 2004 on the death of Pierre Charles.
ROSEAU, Dominica, CMC - Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit told banana farmers Wednesday that failure to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU) would result in the failure of the banana sector.
At present we have a trading arrangement with the EU, which is not in conformity with the WTO rules," Skerrit said in an address to hundreds of farmers at the Annual General Meeting of the Dominica Banana Producers Limited (DBPL.
ROSEAU, Dominica (AFP): Shortly after he took the oath of office as Dominica's youngest Prime Minister Thursday, Roosevelt Skerrit said he will announce his Cabinet in under 24 hours.
Skerrit was the Education and Youth Affairs Minister in the Charles administration.
Roosevelt Skerrit has expressed the sadness of the Government and people of Dominica on learning of the illness and subsequent hospitalization of Cuba's President Dr.
Roosevelt Skerrit has acknowledged the contribution of Cuban President, Dr.
Roosevelt Skerrit approached Cuban President, Dr.
BaptisteLeader of the Domiica Labour Party (DLP), Roosevelt Skerrit is expected to be re-elected uopposed as head of the DLP whe the party holds its delegates coferece i Soufriere o March 12.
Sice the, Skerrit has take the party to a successful geeral electio i 2005 but has lost the services of Geeral Secretary of the party William “Para” Riviere, who resiged just over oe moth ago citig vast differeces with the party claimig that “the party had abadoed the ideals ad priciples of its foudig fathers.
But deputy political leader of the DLP Ambrose George explais that sice becomig Prime Miister of the coutry, the DLP’s leader, Roosevelt Skerrit has prove to the world ad beyod, that he is a respected Caribbea leader.
I have already said so ad will cotiue sayig so, that PM Skerrit has demostrated ot oly to the DLP, but to Domiicas ad the wider world, a level of stewardship that has brought meaigful developmet ad chage to the coutry.
Date2007/9/14 9:58:56 | Topic:SeptemberPrime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has moved against The Times Publishing Inc.
Regarding another parcel of land, Isidore said Skerrit received it as a gift.
BrushedMeantime, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has brushed aside calls from the opposition for him to resign by September 13.
Williams is also calling for a probe into allegations that Skerrit has amassed assets which could not be explained by his legal sources of incomeBut the Dominican leader stated, “I shall not speak as yet in response and in reaction to those who have called for me to resign.
A father of one son, Prime Minister Skerrit has become a household name among even the very young.
Heres the short about it: The Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has a salary of 5000, now owns property for a gazillion times more than he earns.
If the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is amassing wealth that I think is gluttonous based on his salary.
Skerrit said Tuesday's comprehensive Cabinet shake-up was geared towards positioning his administration to address some burning national issues, including the rising cost of living.
Last Wednesday, while Prime Minister Skerrit was preparing for a DLP rally at Grand Bay where he made his election announcement, angry members of the party's Colighaut constituency were protesting in the capital, Roseau, against seat allocation to accommodate Freedom, a development they claimed that could cost Labour losses in marginal constituencies.
Roosevelt Skerrit was appointed by President, His Excellency, Dr.
In addressing the large crowd in excess of 15,000 at Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth on Thursday night, a tired but determined Roosevelt Skerrit described how physically demanding the campaign was.
Roosevelt Skerrit is the minister for Education, Sports and Youth Affairs of the Commonwealth of Dominica.
Minister Skerrit is an executive board member of UNESCO, an executive member of the Dominica Labor Party, and chief advisor for the Movement for Social, Educational, and Cultural Advancement.
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has alleged that opposition leader Earl Williams is supplementing his income with financing received from the Taiwanese embassy in St.
Lawyers acting on behalf of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has raised the stakes in the legal suit brought against journalist Matt Peltier and the Times newspaper for two recent publications.
Skerrit said that he was “extremely focused on leading the people of Dominica” and that he had no time to be distracted by calls for his resignation.
In his weekly radio address on Sunday, Skerrit denied the accusations and accused rivals of scheming to damage his reputation.
Since becoming a government minister in 2000 and prime minister in 2004, Skerrit has purchased three parcels of land on the island -- one of the Caribbean's poorest.
Skerrit is in Venezuela to hold talks with that country’s leader.
Dominica's Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says the current situation in which holders of Caribbean Community and Common Market passports are not enjoying any real attendant benefits is "almost laughable.
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has voiced confidence in the projects under the Boliviarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) along Bolivia, Honduras.
Dec 18, 2008 COMMENTARY: CARICOM Passport -- A Joke By Sir Ronald Sanders Dominica's Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says the current situation in which holders of Caribbean Community and Common Market.
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says the island's only power plant is inefficient and has led to a rise in power bills.
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says the aid from Caracas and the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas will be earmarked for various development.
Skerrit said the removal of the levy will put more money in the hands of the workers, thus generating economic activity.
Skerrit said he hopes to use the economic improvements to build a 2 percent budgetary surplus for 2004-2005 and 3 percent surplus in the two succeeding fiscal years.
ROSEAU, Dominica: Dominicas Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit has laid out his vision for Dominica as the government seeks to build a modern economy in the face of mounting challenges in the international arena.
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is adamant that his administration will not remove Dominicans based abroad off the voters list for the next General Elections.
Rosseau, January 7, 2009 (RHC) Dominicas Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said Tuesday that a clear indication of the publicized change by the new American.
Dominicas Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said the United States President-elect Barack Obama should put the concerns of the people of Cuba on his agenda.
Dominicas Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says the current situation in which holders of Caribbean Community and Common Market (Caricom) passports are not.
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is the head of government for Dominica.
Roosevelt Skerrit is the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica as well the Member of Parliament for the Vieille Case constituency.
A Caribbean Development Research Services Inc poll conducted in February 2007 found that Prime Minister Skerrit was the most popular leader in the country with 58% of respondents favoring his leadership.