Secretary of State Without Portfolio Eduardo Selman of Dominican Republic

Architect Eduardo Selman was appointed to be the Dominican government liaison with the Dominican community in New York.
At the same time, the Consul of Dominican Republic, architect Eduardo Selman said that the consulate of its country aim to provide services that will benefit his compatriots in subjects of immigration.
However, Selman said that he will neither talk about to the topic of the artificial island nor promote the controversial project.
Eduardo Selman is designated Dominican Consul in New York - DominicanToday.
Diario Libre reports that government minister Eduardo Selman says that the government is still supporting the construction of the artificial island that would face the Malecon of Santo Domingo.
Selman said that the artificial island does not have to be submitted to further discussions.
Selman says that the Malecon of Santo Domingo will benefit by an urban renewal process of US$50 million that will be made by the buildings of the island.