Secretary of State for the Environment and Natural Resources Jaime David Fernandez mirabal of Dominican Republic

During his comments at yesterday`s weekly luncheon of Multimedios del Caribe, Fernandez Mirabal said that he is not thinking about the Presidency; he is just focusing on doing his job well and helping President Fernandez develop a good administration.
Fernandez Mirabal said that his forestation program will call for planting 30 million trees a year with the idea that we can guarantee people making a few pesos.
mentioning the chief executive’s name.
Fernandez Mirabal has behind him the Plan Quisqueya Verde, which is regarded as one of the most successful reforestation projects ever implemented in the Caribbean and Central America.
Upon swearing in to the controversial and difficult post, Fernandez Mirabal said that he did not do so before because of "a lack of communication.
Speaking for the family, Minister of the environment Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal said that the crime against the tree martyrs and their driver united the efforts to put an end to the Trujillo dictatorship.