President Leonel Fernandez reyna of Dominican Republic

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Dominicans Face Strike As Hardship Fans UnrestBy LARRY ROHTERCoalition of union and student groups in Dominican Republic, dissatisfied with what they describe as Government's inability to improve living conditions and its unwillingness to negotiate with them, has called two-day general strike next week that Pres Leonel Fernandez Reyna is treating as biggest threat to stability he has faced during his 15 months in office; at least dozen people have been killed, scores more injured, and hundreds arrested as result of wave of disturbances that has erupted i.
A Dominican Leader Receives an Official EmbraceBy IAN FISHERLeonel Fernandez Reyna, who came to US with his parents at age 7, returned to his native Dominican Republic as a teen-ager, became a lawyer and politician, returned to New York City this week for his first visit as President of Dominican Republic; he has returned with reception by city's political and economic elite; in last three day, he has addressed United Nations, hobnobbed with business people, was lauded by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and was courted by three potential candidates for mayor; re.
Leonel Fernandez Reyna has chosen to visit CACI's Vision & Solution Center," said CACI Chairman and CEO Dr.
Lawyer Raised in New York to Lead Dominican RepublicBy LARRY ROHTEROvercoming his youth, lack of experience and a second-place finish in an initial round of voting six weeks ago, Leonel Fernandez Reyna was officially declared the winner today of the presidential runoff election on Sunday.
LEONEL FERNANDEZ REYNA has no unwrapped gifts.