Secretary of State for Agriculture Salvador Jimenez of Dominican Republic

States and has also held various posts at embassies in Washington, D.
economic ties between Mexico and Utah.
Agriculture Minister Salvador Jimenez has said that all shipments coming from Haiti will be fumigated as part of an initiative to prevent the spread of a carnivorous ant outbreak that has been reported in border areas.
Jimenez said the ant, the Paratrechina (Hymenoptera formicidae), is a very aggressive ant that attacks crops and livestock.
Jimenez said that government officials have known about the outbreak for three months and have helped the Haitian authorities identify the particular ant.
Jimenez says that the Haitian government has been lax in enforcing its ban on Dominican chicken and derived products, although there is no indication whether the official ban would be repealed, or when this was likely to happen.
He came to America at age 15 looking for work, and many would not hire him because he looked too young.
Jimenez said his father, Sipriano, died in 1992, and left him the family farm in El Salvador.
Jimenez has since married Nelly and has four children.
Above all, Jimenez said he owes all of his success in America to a network of good people who trust him, and he firmly believes in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Ranchera singer Jose Alfredo Jimenez was a prolific artist with more than 200 songs to his credit, including hits sung by Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Luis Miguel, and more.
How do you say balls in Spanish?Bolas -- and Senor Jimenez has big brass ones.
Jimenez was riding his 2006 Kawasaki motorcycle south on 33rd Street East when a Hummer, driven by Thomas M.
Jimenez was wearing a helmet, the FHP said.
Jimenez has ten years of experience in this business.
Jimenez has had four loans with Apoyo Integral.
Jimenez is a highly decorated combat veteran and has served in Haiti, Kuwait, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Somalia, Liberia, Qatar, Panama, and El Salvador.
Jimenez has an MA in Computers & Information Systems, an MS in Acquisition Management and a BS in Business Management; all degrees are from top-ranked academic institutions.
Jimenez is a certified Program Manager, a certified IT Professional and has held numerous unlimited contracting warrants.
Jimenez is very active in the technology industry and participates in many conferences, forums and veterans programs.
Jimenez was selected as a Federal 100, one of the top 100 Executives from Government, Industry and Academia who had the greatest impact on the government information systems community and in 2006, Mr.
Jimenez was selected as the Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year.
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