National Secretary of Planning and Development Rene Ramirez of Ecuador

Ramirez has been a member of our Board of Directors since February 18, 2008.
Ramirez has significant training and experience in plant management, process engineering, and production that is applicable to Zoros future intended mining and milling operations.
Ren Ramirez has been with Arias since 1996 and has over 27 years of experience as an engineering technician, project manager and director of Construction Materials Testing.
since Rolando Rene Ramirez was first licensed to practice law in TX.
Ren Ramirez joined the blueEnergy team in January 2006.
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Ramirez has proven himself competent and capable of leading the department.
Ramirez has served the City of Fresno with distinction since 2004.
Sitting in her living room among photographs of her grandson, Doris Ramirez said she doesn't understand how the little boy ended up in a hospital.
Ramirez was approved by a unanimous 7-0 vote to succeed interim AD Tommy Ramirez, who had taken over when Sylvia Barrera had been reassigned earlier this summer.