Minister of State for Administration Development Ahmed Darwish of Egypt

Union and World Bank), government organizations and companies both in the United States and Egypt.
More recently, however, MSAD Minister Ahmed Darwish has been more concerned with devising plans to promote good governance and eradicate illiteracy.
Throughout his few years in the ministry, the name of 48-year-old Darwish has been synonymous with two of the most controversial draft laws.
In an effort to avoid conflict of interest, Darwish said that the new law only made it illegal for public school teachers to give private lessons.
Darwish was also criticized for suggesting that the careers of government employees be subject to regular evaluations.
With a population of 75 million, Darwish says that in the near future there will be plenty of job vacancies but the masses of unemployed would not be qualified enough to fill them.
Darwish said he believes in providing citizens with free education.
In 1989, Darwish joined Cairo University as an assistant professor, then as an associate professor then a professor in the Computer Engineering department from 1994 to 1999.
Darwish received the Egyptian National Engineering Award for the year 1999.
Darwish is also a member of scientific and professional societies and was on the editorial board and a reviewer for a number of publications.
Minister of State for Administrative Development Ahmed Darwish said Tuesday 25/9/2007 new mechanisms will be drawn up to combat corruption in the state administrative body.
During a meeting with reporters, Darwish said the new mechanisms include evaluation of the performance of employees upon which bonuses are to be distributed and improving salaries and work environment.
Darwish was born in the village of al-Birwa in the Western Galilee.
Darwish was allowed to settle in Ramallah in 1995, although he said he felt was living in exile there, and did not consider the West Bank his "private homeland.
Darwish was twice married and divorced.
Darwish had a history of heart disease, suffering a heart attack in 1984, followed by two heart operations, in 1984 and 1998.
Darwish was impressed by the Arab poets Abd al-Wahhab al-Bayati and Badr Shakir al-Sayyab.
While Darwish is widely perceived as a Palestinian symbol and a spokesman for Arab opposition to Israel, he rejected the accusation of antisemitism: "The accusation is that I hate Jews.
Darwish was a member of Rakah, the Israeli communist party, before joining the Palestine Liberation Organization in Beirut.
Darwish was elected to the PLO Executive Committee in 1987.
Darwish has consistently demanded a "tough and fair" stand in negotiations with Israel.
In 1997, a documentary entitled Mahmoud Darwish was produced by French TV directed by French-Israeli director Simone Bitton.
Before surgery, Darwish had signed a document asking not to be resuscitated in the event of brain death.
Early reports of his death in the Arabic press indicated that Darwish had asked in his will to be buried in Palestine.
Ahmed Darwish said "Mahmoud doesn't just belong to a family or a town, but to all the Palestinians, and he should be buried in a place where all Palestinians can come and visit him.
Darwish is not new to our community.
Darwish was born in Egypt in 1959, received his bachelor of science in Electric and Communication Engineering and his master in Computer Engineering from Cairo University, 1981 and 1984 respectively.
Darwish joined Cairo University as a professor until year 2004.
Darwish was a consultant to a number of international organizations including UNESCO, FAO, ESCWA, United Nation.
Darwish is a very cultured person.
ahmed darwish is not a man of many words.
and manage the countrys resources efficiently.
hes more concerned with being effective than fashionable.
public rather than the public to the government service.
is also working at the governorate level to automate back offices.
Darwish came to see his mother before his heart operation.
Mahmoud Darwish knew how to express the attachment of an entire people to its land and the absolute desire for peace.
For Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa, Darwish was "the voice of Palestinian civilisation, with its pains, sadness and ambitions.
Darwish was born in the village of al-Birwa, which was located east of Acre and destroyed in 1948.
Darwish was very familiar with the Israeli experience and was interested in Israeli poetry, with which he often engaged in debates.
The Moroccan Minister of Culture, Thuraya Jubran said in a speech that ended in a weeping voice that Mahmoud Darwish was linked to the issues of the Arab nation and loved the Arab countries, and he had a special love story with Morocco.
Moreed Bargouthi, a Palestinian poet, said he had spoken to Darwish before his surgery and that Darwish had expressed his worry about the bitter political divisions.
Darwish was born in Egypt in 1959.
Darwish was a consultant to a number of international organizations (UNESCO, FAO, ESCWA, European Union and World Bank), government organizations and companies both in the United States and Egypt.
Minister of State for Administrative Development Ahmed Darwish said the Egyptian government was a pioneer in the Arab world and Africa in sanctioning the principles of transparency, integrity and combating corruption which reflected in decision-makers' initiatives to form a number of monitoring bodies to criminalize any public funds violation.
Addressing a celebration held Sunday 21/12/2008 marking the international day of combating corruption, Darwish said these efforts led up to Egypt's signing of the UN agreement on combating corruption in 2005 which represented Egypt's keenness on following up its international commitments in coordination with local and international partners, mainly the UN bureau on crime and drugs.
22/ 12/ 2008Administrative Development Minister Ahmed Darwish said that corruption in Egypt is associated to the State's administrative organs.
About Egypt losing ground in international transparency indexes, Darwish said international organizations' indexes are not standard.
In the past year, Darwish had become increasingly concerned about the political infighting.
Moreed Bargouthi, a Palestinian poet, told the Voice of Palestine radio Sunday that he had spoken to Darwish before his surgery and that Darwish had expressed his worry about the bitter political divisions.
Darwish was born in the Palestinian village of Birweh near Haifa, which was destroyed in the 1948 Mideast war that led to Israel’s independence.
But Darwish said that this would not be possible under the taklif system, according to Passant Al Kattan, the official spokesperson of the Ministry of State for Administrative Development.
If the state aims to employ all medical school graduates, it should draft regulations regarding the number of students admitted depending on our needs," Darwish said at a press conference on June 24.
In a press conference yesterday, Darwish said a recommendation will be attached to the final report that will be submitted to Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, calling for increasing the number of preachers in the coming years.
AHMED DARWISH, ADMINISTRATIVE DEVELOPMENT: Born in 1959, Darwish is a Cairo University engineering graduate with a PhD in computer engineering philosophy from the US.
During his life Darwish was only too aware that he would not be allowed by the Israeli authorities to return to his village – even in death.