Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities Ahmed El-maghrabi of Egypt

Regardless, El-Maghrabi has his work cut out for him at the Ministry of Housing.
In a recent interview with the Arabic-language daily Al-Ahram, El-Maghrabi said some 3 million government-built low-income housing units remain vacant because they are unaffordable for the majority of citizens who need them.
A member of the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers (1997-2002), El-Maghrabi has resigned the chairmanship of Accor Hotels for the duration of his service in government, although he is not believed to have sold his stake in the corporation.
A founding member of the board of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (1990), El-Maghrabi was appointed to the ruling National Democratic Party’s Economic Committee in 2002, where he served alongside Mahmoud Mohieddin.
Egyptian Minister of Tourism Ahmed El-Maghrabi said Tuesday that the number of tourists visiting Egypt was expected to increase by five percent by the end of this year.
Housing Minister Ahmed el-Maghrabi was present in almost all sessions.
In his keynote speech at the Euromoney Egypt Housing and Real Estate Finance Conference on Monday, El-Maghrabi said real estate and construction have achieved a 15 percent growth rate in recent years, contributing to 8 percent of the nation’s GDP.
Mohamed el-Demerdash, the Assistant Minister of Housing, says that, in order not to appoint a temporary board for the Union for fear of more corruption, Minister Ahmed el-Maghrabi has instructed that the transitional board comprise three representatives from the censorship and sovereign authorities, in a bid to curtail the continuous violations and prepare for new board elections.
Minister of Tourism Ahmed El-Maghrabi said the Egyptian tourism sector is more competitive than that in any neighboring country.