Minister of Civil Aviation Ahmed Shafiq of Egypt

Ahmed Shafiq took off his military uniform three years ago to become a politician.
As a fighter pilot under Mubarak's command, Shafiq took part in the famous Mansoura Battle, when he shot down two enemy planes.
Shafiq is destroying the company and paving the way for the government to sell EgyptAir, argued his opponents.
Selling the national carrier is not an option, Shafiq has always said.
Shafiq has refused to soften his stand against foreign airlines.
Shafiq is a firm believer in seeking out foreign expertise to guide the industry along with its development plans.
At the same time, Shafiq says he will not copy neighbouring countries' models at face value.
Shafiq has always been known as a tough and ruthless boss.
Shafiq says he's trying to reduce the overall number of people employed by the government in the aviation business.
According to a copy of the complaint, filed by the association following its Friday meeting, and which was obtained by ‘al-Masry al-Youm’, association members demanded "a prompt investigation into the gross negligence Shafiq was a victim of during his stay in the Kasr el-Aini ICU.
Shafiq was kept in the ICU for several days without undergoing any medical procedure to save his life, which left US no choice but to fly him to Paris for treatment," said the complaint signed by several of the association's prominent scientists and physicians.
Al challenged that the next few days will witness the emergence of evidence proving the gross negligence Shafiq was subject to in Egypt.
During a news conference on Sunday, Shafiq said Egypt asked Israeli aviation authorities for documents, radar maps or audio records; proving the occurrence but so far Cairo has not received any.
Speaking to Al-Ahram Weekly in early July, Minister of Civil Aviation Ahmed Shafiq said the country is currently not ready to open all its airports to all airlines.
In direct reference to Cairo International, Shafiq said implementing a complete Open Skies policy has to wait until construction of the new third terminal is complete in 2007.
In response, Egyptian civil aviation minister Ahmed Shafiq said the Swiss statement was inaccurate and baseless.
Shafiq said he wanted to see documents proving what the Swiss official said was true.
First Published: December 9, 2006Shafiq: time not "suitable" for Egypt Air IPOCAIRO: The decision to float a 20 percent stake of Egypt Air Holding on the Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange is not likely to be made soon, Minister of Civil Aviation Ahmed Shafiq said Wednesday.
Egypt Air commissioned a feasibility study in early 2006 for a possible public offering, but as recently as early December 2006, Shafiq said the time was not "suitable" for an IPO.
Speaking on Sunday, Shafiq said the company seeks to expand its fleet by an additional 12 aircraft to be purchased next year.
Thursday, May 10, 2007New terminal at Sharm El-Sheikh airport to open in late MayMinister of Civil Aviation Ahmed Shafiq said a new terminal at the Sharm El-Sheikh Airport will be inaugurated on May 23.
Egypt Today ArchivesHend El-HennawiMinister of Civil Aviation Ahmed Shafiq was forced to threaten legal action against some 538 controllers at the National Air Navigation Services airport headquarters who were working to rule to demand better pay and work conditions.
Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Ahmed Shafiq said he met Saturday night and Sunday morning with the visiting French Minister to tackle all issues pertaining to the accident and plans to be carried out over the coming hours and days in this regard.