Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Amin Abaza of Egypt

Aziz Pasha Abaza- A popular and well-known poet in Egypt and a noble Pasha.
There was also a noble Russian-Greek Abaza Family, of which Alexander Abaza was a member.
Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza said that farmers' poultry will be vaccinated against the virus at state expense.
Abaza has already asked a private auditing office to review PBDAC's financial statements ahead of turning it into EBA.
18/ 12/ 2008Amin Abaza There is no intention to sell the Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit (PBDAC), Agriculture Minister Amin Abaza said describing reports about privatizing it as merely "nonsense.
On another note, Abaza said that the bread queues crisis had nothing to do with wheat or flour, but that people want to buy subsidized bread in order to sell it immediately at 30% more.
Abaza said in an interview with the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram published Saturday, that the Egyptian representative in the private agricultural companies will test various lands allocated by Uganda to determine which items will be cultivated in addition to ways of funding for these projects.
Egyptian Agriculture Minister Amin Abaza said Egypt's agricultural strategy hinges on promoting ties binding Egypt with other Nile Basin countries.
Abaza is part of an official delegation visiting India to work on increasing bilateral relations.
During a workshop organized by the World Bank in Cairo and the Egyptian Agricultural Research Center on the 2008 World Bank report, Abaza said that investing in the agricultural domain is the best way for curbing poverty and improving peoples income in poor States, ANSAmed reports.
PETA’s letter to Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza is available upon request.
Participants at the three-day UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) summit, called for increasing investments channelled to agriculture, helping countries produce their own food, expanding areas of cultivated lands and improving productivity, Egyptian Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza said in statements in Rome.
As for the Egyptian-Italian agreement that was signed on the sidelines of the summit, Abaza said Italy will help Egypt fish at depth of 500 meters in the economic zone in the Mediterranean Sea.
Though bird flu was totally contained, some cases continue to be detected especially among home-raised chickens, Abaza said at the opening session of a workshop on combating the H5N1 virus.
Abaza said the ministry has laid down a strategy to contain bird flu and rehabilitate the poultry industry in Egypt.
May 8, 2008 (CAIRO) Egypt has identified an area of about 2 million acres (800,000 hectares) on the border with Sudan where Egypt and Sudan could grow wheat in a joint project, Agriculture Minister Amin Abaza said on Thursday.
At a joint press conference earlier, Egyptian Agriculture Minister Amin Abaza said Egypt wanted to provide compensation, but that "this is a cost we cannot shoulder.
Abaza said Egypt was relying on public education to combat the disease and on a large-scale vaccination program, including for household flocks.
But Abaza said he believed Egyptian farmers and small-scale poultry owners would alert authorities following a successful public awareness campaign, despite the lack of compensation.
Ms Abaza has been criticised for caring and protecting animals in a country with widespread poverty and where human rights are frequently abused.
Abaza said the government wanted the country to produce 65 per cent of the wheat it consumes.