Minister of Information Anas El-fiqqi of Egypt

Anas el-Fiqqi said that the aim of the meeting is to present new ideas for the festival, adding that the Ministry of Information seeks to listen to all the ideas presented by the media men, academic professors and artists.
Al Akhbar ArchivesAnas El-FiqqiMoreover, El-Fiqqi has been conspicuously present at important government events in the past month.
According to Nabil Abdel Fattah, a political analyst at Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, El-Fiqqis presence at the two meetings hinted that El-Fiqqi was nominated to assume an important office or was being groomed to play a more important role.
El-Fiqqi said Hilal was not involved in any financial wrongdoing and added that the money that funded the campaign was provided by the government and private companies sponsoring the bid.
Information Minister Anas el-Fiqqi said the voting was taking place in "complete transparency.
What we are witnessing in Egypt and what we are living in Egypt now is real democratic participation," Information Minister Anas el-Fiqqi said in the Times.
When polls closed Monday evening, Information Minister Anas el-Fiqqi said preliminary figures showed a turnout of around 20 percent in Cairo and Alexandria, the second largest city.
Results were expected Tuesday or Wednesday and el-Fiqqi expressed confidence the measures would pass.
Information Minister Anas el-Fiqqi said the turnout was as high as 27 percent, in part because of increased participation of women.