Minister of State for Environment Affairs Maged George of Egypt

In line with these comments, George praised Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Sawy, chairman of El Sawy Culture wheel in Zamalek, for his efforts in raising the public awareness of environmental issues.
While too early to assess the overall impact on local residents and businesses, George said that canal authorities have already received 1,320 complaints relating to the spill.
to the Arab Initiative for Sustainable Development.
Maged George was appointed to fill the position of Minister of State for Environmental Affairs.
Environment minister Maged George has accused the local councils of failing to prevent their farmers from burning the hay, the customary method of clearing the way for new crops, as recycling or simply moving the stuff is too expensive.
Maged George said that the awareness campaigns will be continued inside the protected areas and places around it by taking samples periodically from the immigrant birds passing by the protected areas as El-Razaek, Siwa, Saloga, Nezal, El-Alaky and El-Borullos.