Minister of Justice Mamdouh Marei of Egypt

During a recent meeting with a group of judges at the ministry's Judicial Studies Centre, Marei is alleged to have made fun of club chairman Yehia Dakrouri, saying he was weeping like late tragedienne Amina Rizq.
The incident to which Marei was referring occurred when Dakrouri, who was pleading for medical support for Judge Mohamed Gad Manzalawi, whose treatment for a brain tumour in Germany was suspended after the Justice Ministry refused to meet the costs, could not hold back his tears.
Sources at the State Council Judges Club believe that President Hosni Mubarak's order that a committee be formed, headed by Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, to evaluate the performance of the Justice Ministry since Marei took over in August 2006, marks the beginning of end of Marei's tenure.
When he was appointed in 2006 via a limited cabinet reshuffle, many judges thought Marei had been selected to spearhead moves to undermine judges clubs and silence their more outspoken members who had heavily criticised the raft of constitutional amendments which, among other things, ended full judicial supervision of elections.
Following Mubarak's intervention, say sources, Marei has expressed readiness to make a telephone apology to Dakrouri.
As far as Marei is concerned, it is probably too little, and too late.
A lawsuit was filed by the Councilor of Tanta Court of Appeal to the State Council yesterday against Councilor Mamdouh Marei, Minister of Justice, claiming the new department illicit and violating the law, and that forming it by Marei comes consistent with his abuses against judges, and considering it a serious deviation from the law that the ministry should protect.
First Published: January 11, 2008Vice Chairman of the Court of Appeals Hisham Al-BastawisyCAIRO: Minister of Justice Mamdouh Marei has issued a new law to re-establish the Court of Conduct, Vice Chairman of the Court of Appeals Hisham Al-Bastawisy told Daily News Egypt.
Marei is being brought in to lord it over the dissidents.
Responding to Brotherhood attacks, Marei said that with or without the amendment of Article 7, urfi marriage had always been an option for young couples, arguing that the majority of couples who resort to the arrangement do so because of lack of money.
Most of the 13,000 Marei is talking about are not judges, they are members of the prosecution office and employees of the judicial system,” whom he says lack the independence of the judges.
Marei was appointed to head the Supreme Constitutional Court in 2003 by the president.
Al-Hawari told CPJ that Al-Wafd and other dailies printed a letter from an aide to the justice minister saying that Marei was misquoted.
Minister of Justice Mamdouh Marei said that “in drafting the law the Ministry of Justice was keen to respect the teachings of Islam and Christianity, not to violate the constitution or go against public morals and traditions.
Justice Minister Marei said 9,701,833 people voted, or 27.
Justice Minister Marei said 9,701,833 people voted, or about 27 percent of the country's 35,865,660 eligible voters.
Nour said Marei had promised him that a judge would supervise every ballot box in the country on Sept.