Minister of Transport Mohamed Lotfi Mansour of Egypt

Minister of Transport Mohamed Lotfi Mansour said the development of Dekheila harbour is part of the ministry's plan to develop navigation movement in general and promote Egyptian harbours in terms of using modern technology.
In press statements, Mansour said the ministry signed a contract with the Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company (ECHEM) to allocate a one million square metre area inside Damietta port for the establishment of pollution-free projects.
24/ 10/ 2008Minister of Transport Mohamed Lotfi Mansour knows well that he is responsible not only for the state-owned transport but also for the transport of the private sector.
Printable Version  For Once, Government Stepped UpBusiness legend Mohamed Mansour had been Minister of Transport for just 20 days when he suddenly found himself dealing with the greatest challenge of his career: the aftermath of a maritime disaster that claimed the lives of more than 1,000 Egyptians.
While previous governments have fumbled their responses to national disasters, Mansour is intent on getting it right.
Minister of Transportation Mohamed Lotfi Mansour was woken up early on the morning of Friday, February 3, to learn he was facing the aftermath of one of the worst maritime disasters in the nation’s history.
Mansour is tackling the situation with the same logic — and in the same calm and collected manner — that made him one of the most accomplished business strategists in the country, where the former president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt has presided over interests as diverse as Mansour Automotive (which owns the rights to Chevrolet and Opel cars and trucks in Egypt), Mantrac (his group’s heavy equipment division) and Calyon Bank Egypt, which just acquired Egyptian American Bank.
I have been put in many situations in my life that have required me to stand up to some very challenging circumstances,” Mansour says from his office at the ministry.
The recorder was sent to the United Kingdom for analysis, a process Mansour says may take up to two weeks.
Where do we go from here?Mansour knew that safety would be at the top of his agenda when he came to office, but he had no idea it would take on this kind of urgency.
Mansour is in his element when discussing the public-private partnerships that he hopes to initiate; many believe that this was the reason he was asked to take up the transportation portfolio in the first place.
Article Excerpt Minister of Transport Mohamed Lotfi Mansour said Port Said Port will witness a comprehensive development next year.
Italy is Egypt's strategic gate into Europe, the Egyptian Transportation Minister, Mohamed Lotfi Mansour said Wednesday 3/12/2008.
Egyptian Minister of Transport Mohamed Lotfi Mansour said on Tuesday his ministry would introduce, for the first time, a global system for coding the highways to facilitate traffic.
Some 28 topics aimed at bolstering transport cooperation among Arab countries are expected to figure high on the meetings' agenda with the top issue being resolutions adopted during Khartoum Arab Summit held in Sudan in March, Egyptian Transport Minister Mohamed Lotfi Mansour was quoted as saying.
Mansour said DP World's investment in Sokhna will top E12bn (Dh8bn) over the coming three years.
waterways in the Mediterranean Sea Basin.