Minister of Public Business Sector Mokhtar Khattab of Egypt

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companies and factories reached a total of LE 13.
public enterprise sector companies.
to improve their financial and workforce structures.
Egyptian Minister of Public Business Sector Mokhtar Khattab said the government has worked out a plan to avoid the negative of the September 11 events on the Egyptian economy.
Addressing a symposium on ways of luring the World Money Market Investments in the Privatization Program, organized by the British Egyptian Businessmen Association (BEBA), Khattab said tourism, transport, privatization as well as foreign investments are the most sectors harmed by the recent attacks on the US.
However, Khattab said many of the companies slated for privatisation in the near future are for sale to strategic investors rather than destined to be floated in the equity market.
Khattab said they had won contracts to export 5,299 minibuses, trucks and buses valued at $228 million and 100,000 tonnes of construction iron worth up to $34 million.
Khattab said Egyptian firms would organise a fair for construction materials in Baghdad in May Iraq said earlier it wanted to import $2 billion of goods from Egypt this year including vehicles, food, construction materials and industrial products.
the companies' total market value was 12 billion pounds ($3.
implementing early retirement schemes for 46,490 workers at a cost of 4.