Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid of Egypt

Wednesday, but no deal was signed, a French farm ministry spokeswoman said.
to seek enhanced trade ties with India.
Rachid is specifically charged with liberalising the country's industrial sector, attracting foreign direct investment and creating jobs.
Reuters - Monday, January 5KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5 - Egypt may announce additional stimulus measures after it re-evaluates its economic situation in April, Trade and Industry Minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid said on Monday.
Rachid said this money would be spent by June and the government would assess the economic situation in April to decide if further measures were needed for the second half of 2009.
Rachid is visiting the Malaysian capital for trade and investment talks.
Rachid said Malaysian companies had a big opportunity to participate in Egyptian projects, especially those related to infrastructure.
Arab countries should join hands to stave off the impact of the global financial crunch on their economies, Egypt's Minister of Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid has said.
Rachid had previously stressed the central importance of development at the Doha Round for Africa where he drew attention to the detrimental impact of trade liberalisation on the economies of Africa's most vulnerable countries.
More than the locality, Rachid is comfortable there professionally, certainly no stranger to the business world.
For the second time, Hosna Rachid was named one of the 50 Most Influential Women of the Arab World by Forbes Arabia.
A graduate of Alexandria Universitys Faculty of Commerce, for years Rachid was mainly involved in the social development activities of the familys organization.
As the price of foodstuffs soars globally, coupled with the cost of transporting and distributing these products due to higher gas prices, Rachid said they cannot raise the prices at the same levels that the cost of raw materials are increasing.
As one of 50 most influential women in the region, Rachid said her biggest challenge has not been being a woman as much as it has been to prove myself or to prove that a woman can be a good leader, representing a successful business.
EGYPT DEVELOPING STRONGER ECONOMIC TIES WITH CHINASource: Xinhua, October 4, 2006Egypt's Minister of Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid said his country was keen on " benefiting from China's great and important experience" in developing Egypt's economy and developing stronger trade and economic ties with China in the coming years.
Rachid said that trade between Egypt and China was growing by 30 to 40 % every year and China will be Egypt's first trading partner without any special procedures from his ministry if it continues for eight or nine years.
Rachid said he wanted to boost Egypt's export to China in coming years with joint projects in the fields of cotton, marble, building materials and petrochemicals.
More than trade, Rachid said he also desired to attract Chinese investment.
Rachid has just returned from a visit to China during which he announced a boom of Egyptian-Chinese economic relations boosting a 2,7 billion dollars in bilateral projects.
Top Projects TURKEY PROPOSES LE 4 BILLION INDUSTRIAL ZONE IN 6 OCTOBER CITYSource: Al-Ahram, October 3, 2006Trade and Industry Minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid met a number of Turkish investors on October 2, 2006 to discuss establishing an industrial zone in 6 October City to manufacture and export textiles, apparel and glass.
Speaking in Doha, Minister Rachid said that a significant 'shift in emphasis' was now underway in the bilateral relationship between Qatar and Egypt.
His Excellency Rachid Mohamed Rachid was assumed his duties as the Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry in Egypt in July 2004, as a member of the economic team appointed in the cabinet reshuffle.
Minister Rachid comes to Egypts Ministry of Foreign Trade from a prominent career in international business that spans more than two decades.
Minister Rachid is a founding member and a prominent participant in many of Egypts leading institutions and think tanks.
Minister Rachid received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University in 1978.
Rachid was empowered at the ministry in July 2004, becoming the first businessman to take on the post, according to the organizations site on the Internet.
Printer FriendlyEmail to a friendBy Omar Mohsen“I accepted the job because I knew that this was an opportunity for me to support the government’s attempts to improve the Egyptian economy,” says Foreign Trade and Industry Minister Rachid Mohamed RachidCover StoryWelcome to Your Mobile LifeThe first installment of our new TechLife section will help you work better, faster and cheaper so you can focus on the things in life that matter the mostBy Mohsen AllamThe removal of anti-dumping tariffs on steel signals Rachid’s distaste for price controlsBy Omar MohsenSeptember 2004Rachid SpeaksWith three decades of experience in the private sector, Foreign Trade and Industry Minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid is unapologetic about his desire to run his ministry like a business.
By Réhab El-BakryVisiting Paris to be with his new granddaughter in early July, Rachid Mohamed Rachid had only a passing interest in the rumblings of political change in Cairo.
Rachid took the call from Prime Minister Nazif on Friday night, July 9.
In accepting his governmental post, Rachid has relinquished his position as chairman of the company for his tenure as minister, but remains a shareholder in the international joint venture.
Embracing ChangeRachid is acutely aware that change will not be easy for him or the new team.
The first major change to the status quo came about even before Rachid took office.
While it may have seemed like an unusual decision to some, Rachid says the move falls in line with international trends in government.
But Rachid is first to admit that it will take more than window-dressing to revamp the economy.
Rachid says the key issues facing trade are increasing the production capacity of Egyptian industries and preparing them for export.
Just because Rachid has become part of the government doesn’t mean he is already resigned to blaming business for all the nation’s troubles.
One of the first announcements Rachid has made as minister is that the customs systems will be re-assessed in order to eliminate some of the unnecessary costs to industry.
While people and politicians alike are lamenting that imports are on the rise as exports continue to drop, Rachid says they’re looking at the wrong side of the equation.
Rachid says he knows of the difficulties involved in trying to get funding for a business.
And if that market’s open to oranges and the pipeline is there to deliver them, it’s also going to be open to other products, right? Minister of Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid is a man with the mission of yoking Egypt and China.
In a bold statement issued on the first day of his visit to China, Rachid said that in less than a decade he expects trade between China and Egypt to exceed $5 billion (LE 28.
Rachid is set to return to China when President Hosni Mubarak leads a delegation to the Middle Kingdom in early November, along with approximately 50 African leaders and heads of state for the first-ever China-Africa summit.
At the meeting, which came at the end of his week-long visit to China, Rachid took the opportunity to reiterate that China is in the process of setting a new, long-term strategic relationship with the Middle East and Africa.
Rachid is accompanied by a 35-member business delegation.
Chinese companies, which will create jobs, Rachid was cited as saying.
The Egyptian Trade and Industry Minister Mohamed Rachid is also accompanied by a 35 member business delegation.
Rachid says that the ratio of dissatisfied workers in comparison to the workforce as a whole is small.
In a statement to the press, Rachid said that although Egypt’s banking sector has not felt the ripple effects of the financial crisis, “this does not mean that our industry and trade will be immune to the economic slowdown.
Rachid is the first to admit that things have not always been so easy, noting that more than 25 years after economic reforms were first set in motion with Infitah (Sadats Open-Door policy), Egypt is trying to live up to its potential on the international market.
Although he has been in Cabinet barely a month, Rachid says he has already identified the main challenges in his portfolio and developed steps he thinks will take the nation in the right direction.
While critics spend their energy griping about Egypts trade deficit and a still-high level of imports, Rachid says theyre looking at the wrong part of the equation.
Rachid says for the size of its economy, Egypt does very well when it comes to trade agreements, often winning concessions because of its strategic and political importance in the region.
Rachid says the biggest problem he faced as a business leader came at the customs office; to characterize the nations customs system as complicated would be an understatement, he says.
Rachid says private businesses have always had difficulty finding the capital they need to expand production.
Egypt's trade minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid has said that his country will lift the ban on rice export in early September, revealed Reuters.
As Egyptian minister of trade and industry, former businessman Rachid Mohamed Rachid has his work cut out for him.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5 (Reuters) - Egypt may announce additional stimulus measures after it re-evaluates its economic situation in April, Trade and Industry Minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid said on Monday.
Rachid Mohamed Rachid is a man on a mission.
I know that the effort started with Minister Yousef Boutros Ghali and then Rachid Mohamed Rachid took the lead and vigorously pushed through all the hurdles to make it possible.