Minister of Petroleum Sameh Fahmy of Egypt

Fahmy has said at the PA session on Sunday that prices of natural gas agreements would be reviewed “without exception.
to slightly over 50 percent over the last couple of years.
Egypt’s oil minister Sameh Fahmy said the discovery will provide nine months of local gas.
Fahmy said Egypt wants to establish a reputation as a major natural gas exporter, and claims several countries are on the waiting list for Egyptian gas supplies.
Fahmy said that these returns were four years ahead of schedule, but the country had benefited from the current inflated oil prices as a result of regional political tensions and strong global demand.
International Energy Forum in Rome.
Speaking to the opening session of a conference on the future of oil and petrochemical industries in the Arab countries Monday, Sameh Fahmy said that total Egyptian oil natural gas output hit 58.
advantage of Egypt’s location between the Gulf and Europe.
processing of crude oil with the production of petrochemicals.
200,000-300,000-b/d refinery, is Port Said.
being offered to a strategic investor.
Oil Minister Sameh Fahmy said the find marked the launch of a new phase in Egypt's petroleum industry, the financial daily al-Alam al-Youm reported.
The increase will be done through the expansion of the two Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants and boosting sales through the Arab Gas Pipeline (AGP), Fahmy said in an interview to appear in the publication tomorrow.
87 trln cubic metres, Fahmy said Egypt expected to be able to add a further 2.
Minister of Petroleum Sameh Fahmy said that the hikes of oil prices pose grave threats to the world economy since all the development programmes are to be affected seriously by this increase.
During his meeting with Oil Ministers of Syria, Jordan and Turkey to discuss natural gas supplies to Europe via Turkey, Fahmy said that the sudden increase in prices of oil was not expected.
Sameh Fahmy was appointed to the position of Senior Vice-President, Engineering, Mechanical and Supply Management, in June 2006.
Fahmy is a certified general accountant, and holds a Bachelor degree in electrical engineering as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from McGill University.