Minister of Education Yousri El-gamal of Egypt

1/ 11/ 2008Yousri el-GamalEducation Minister Yousri el-Gamal is going to meet with Education Ministry undersecretaries early this week to consider violence in schools and how to put and end to this phenomenon.
At the Ministry of Education, El-Gamal takes office at a time when debate is raging over how to modernize high school curricula, improve teacher salaries and raise the country’s literacy rate, now officially at 70.
3 percent in 2006,"said Minister of Education Yousri El-Gamal said Tuesday during the opening session of a conference on adult education, held in cooperation with Unesco.
The new school year will last for 35 weeks, Education Minister Yousri el-Gamal has said, adding that the Ministry has been working during the summer to breathe new life into the school's classes, playgrounds and laboratories.