Vice President Ana Vilma Albanez de Escobar of El Salvador

of USAID in the El Salvador government.
Albanez de Escobar is the first female vice president of El Salvador.
Ana Vilma Albanez de Escobar is currently the vice president of El Salvador.
When asked about the role of gender in politics, Escobar said it was never an issue in El Salvador that a woman was running for the position (of vice president.
Escobar said she grew up in a privileged home, where her parents paid considerable attention to her education, and she learned to treasure the things her parents gave her.
During her three-day stay in Providence, Escobar said she met with Gov.
Escobar discussed current economic policies undertaken by the Salvadoran government, such as its involvement in the Central America Free Trade Agreement, an expansion agreement between the only Salvadoran airline and Air Canada and the "Plan Puebla Panama" initiative, which will allow for energy-sharing between Mexico and Central America.
In order to improve the living conditions and overall well-being of El Salvador, Escobar said the government needs to "fight back by sustaining economic growth, which demands competitiveness in an international world" and a focus on education.
Though most of these initiatives are still in the development stages, Escobar said she met with Microsoft founder Bill Gates to ask for Microsoft's support in the technology initiative.
Escobar found her daughter, who was stolen from her in March 26, 2007, after 14 months of searching in hospitals, orphanages and police stations.
El Salvador Vice President Ana Vilma Albanez de Escobar said yesterday that job creation is the most effective social investment a government can make to fight poverty.
Vice-President Albanez de Escobar said the Government of El Salvador did not chase just any investment opportunity; it looked for foreign investors who would “take care of Salvadoreans” by improving their lives and providing broad opportunities.