Minister of Public Security and Justice Rene Figueroa of El Salvador

Minister of Security Rene Figueroa came out calling the vendors terrorists.
Venezuelan leader was based on “non-serious” arguments.
Figueroa says that, so far, it has put more than 70 gang leaders behind bars.
It is called Plan Mano Amiga ("Operation Helping Hand"), and Figueroa said it aims to incorporate a safety net of government institutions, churches, associations, private enterprise and non-governmental organizations to rehabilitate gang members and give them jobs.
Indeed, when asked about a budget, Figueroa said that because the Mano Amiga efforts are so broad-based and involve so many different entities, a budget estimate would be difficult to come by.
Figueroa said that assassination was a common crime.
Figueroa said all emergency agencies were on alert, both keeping people informed and preparing for the evacuation of 20,000 people who live nearby if the activity increases even more.
The volcano has entered an eruptive phase that consists of ashes and gases, Interior Secretary Rene Figueroa said at a hastily organized news conference.
Figueroa said as many as 10,000 residents live close to the volcano, but that most areas were not being evacuated.
Figueroa said air force flights over Ilamatepec confirmed that it emitted a column of ash that reached 50,000 feet (15,250 meters) high.
Interior Minister Rene Figueroa said officials are starting to practice evacuations and are preparing shelters for the estimated 10,000 people living near the volcano, some 30 miles west of the capital.
Salvadoran Minister of Public Security and Justice, Rene Figueroa said that the agreement was significant to consolidate the regional efforts in the strategy to fight gangs.
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