Minister of Finance William Handal of El Salvador

Bill Handal is a senior vice president store operations for Walgreens, overseeing operations in the eastern region of the country.
Handal has dedicated much of his career to developing and implementing technologies that elevate the quality of patient care.
Handal is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
Handal was president of one of the first telemedicine referral services in the world.
Handal is a member in good standing of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists.
Handal is recognized as a branding and marketing specialist with experience working in a variety of business sectors and with diverse global corporate clients in the acquisition of growth capital, branding and image consulting, product development, and training.
Handal is a member of the Advisory Board for Capps College.
William Handal has been appointed senior vice president of store operations at Walgreen Co.
Handal joined the chain in 1966 as a service clerk.
Description: Kenneth Handal is CA's EVP Global Risk.
In addition, Esteban Handal is active in the Liberal Party, while Victoria Asfoura's brother, Elias Asfoura, is equally active in the National Party.
pharmacist and store manager at several Walgreens stores in Houston.
Handal joined Walgreens in 1966 as a service clerk and, after graduating from pharmacy school at the University of Houston in 1970, worked as a pharmacist and store manager at several Walgreens stores in Houston, Texas.
Handal has been minister of finance since May 2006 after a long career with Taca International Airlines.
Handal was appointed to the cabinet-level position in the El Salvadoran government in May 2006 after distinguishing himself in the business world with a long career with Taca International Airlines.
Handal joined Taca International Airlines in 1975 after completing his studies at Southeastern.