Minister of Information Abdu Ali of Eritrea

Ali expressed Eritrea's desire to draw lessons from the Syrian experience, especially in the field of the mass media.
Ali met yesterday with the Syrian Minister of Culture, Dr.
Shaheer Ali was tried in secret and it is not known what evidence was presented in court to substantiate the accusations against him.
Shaheer Ali was among several Uighurs, including Kheyum Whashim Ali and Abdu Allah Sattar, who had been recognized as refugees by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) after they fled to Nepal in 2000.
Kheyum Whashim Ali was forcibly returned in mid-2002 after being detained by immigration and police authorities in Nepal.
Unofficial reports received earlier this year indicate that Kheyum Whashim Ali was being held in Michuan prison, outside Urumqi.
I told Jessica that Ali was homeless and that he sleeps anywhere and as we boarded the van she gave him 100 riyals, 50 cents.
Whashim Ali was deported in mid-2002.
Eritrea: Foreign Minister Ali said succumbs to a heart attack TD.
Al-Quhali had recently shown signs of mental instability, suggesting some kind of behavioural disorder which made his neighbours cautious around him.