Minister of Finance Ivari Padar of Estonia

I can confirm with my hand on my heart I haven't had such temptation," Padar said at a press conference after IMF mission ended.
English (en)franais (fr)Deutsch (de)E-mailPrintFocusBoard of GovernorsIvari Padar, new Governor for EstoniaDate:10/05/2007Following the recent elections in Estonia, Mr Ivari Padar has been appointed that countrys Minister of Finance, succeeding Mr Aivar Serd.
This is true, but I think non-recourse loans are better alternative to what Padar is proposing.
Finance Minister Ivari Padar said that it was a long step forward.
As a result of today's discussions we will send out an amendment concerning the ministries' expenditure limits," Padar said adding that this would make it possible for the ministries to continue preparations for drawing up draft budgets.
Finance Minister Ivari Padar said spending cuts were “the most important thing” in this context but IMF analyst Franciszek Rozwadowski said such cuts must be made with caution.
Padar has suggested as a compromise that unemployment insurance for up to 95 percent of the worker"s last month"s salary could replace the compensation.
Padar said in the statement that the good news from the slowdown was that the current account deficit would fall and price pressures ease.
At the same time, Padar said that the slowdown in economic growth will not cause difficulties in filling the state budget and there will be no supplementary negative budget.
However, Padar had to go back on his words already in April.
That is what Ivari Padar says about his grandfather on his father’s side – Arved Padar.
Arved Padar had an opportunity to fight for his country when the World War II began.
Ivari Padar found out the deeds of Navi men as a student of history for his Bachelor’s thesis.
His thesis was given a grade of four, but Ivari’s father Ilmar said: “Yes, that is what happened!” Old-Peetsu’s happy medium In 1944 Arved Padar was accepted into the frontier defence regiment and it went to Krivasoo.
What did grandfather teach him? Ivari Padar said that he had made many rake pegs for the hay season.
Finance Minister Ivari Padar said such remarks were "insulting", although they "sometimes seem even funny" in Estonia.
2 percent in 2009, which is essential to enable the Baltic state to meet criteria for adopting the euro, Finance Minister Ivari Padar said in a statement Thursday.
inflation forecast for 2011 up to 3.