Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Juhan Parts of Estonia

Juhan Parts was born on Saturday, August 27, 1966 in Tallinn and he is a famous head of state from Estonia.
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Parts was actually making a completely valid point that Estonia should be seen as more than a back office of SAS's Scandinavian operations.
Parts is making a political point, not suggesting Estonia goes on a buying spree, and that's perfectly clear in the BNE feature.
Vaher had established a quota system of how many civil servants had to be prosecuted every year (per county), which is seen as reminiscent of Stalinist purges by many Estonians, a measure that Parts had endorsed.
Juhan Parts is a member of the Union of Pro Patria and Res Publica party.
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Parts is not even the youngest: the Minister of Justice Ken-Marti Vaher and the Culture Minister Urmas Paet are both 28, and Ms.
in the doings of Estonia's political elite.
In Estonia Juhan Parts has the reputation of an upright and sincere man.
well-known "mafia judge" Merle Parts had already come to an end.
From his marriage to Merle Parts, Juhan parts has a daughter and a son.
Juhan Parts is expected to hold meetings in Azerbaijani ministries of economic development, transport, communications and information technologies.
This helped Edgar Savisaar gain a stronger grip on Estonia and Juhan Parts was sent to a hippy commune in Abu Dhabi.
Juhan Parts is Estonia’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications.
posts in Estonia’s government: Deputy Secretary-General, Ministry of Justice, Auditor General, and Prime Minister (2003-2005.
Parts is also a Member of the 10th Riigikogu - the Parliament of Estonia - since 2003.
operative government, Parts said of his coalition partners.
Juhan Parts is Prime Minister of Estonia.
Government spokesman Erki Peegel said Parts met President Arnold Ruutel (search) before noon and handed in the resignation of his Cabinet, which has been in power since April 2003.
fails to tend to those of its own peoples, Estonian Prime Minister Juhan Parts has said.
Mr Parts, you became prime minister a year ago when you were 37.
Unlike some of your colleagues, you were never a Communist Party member.
Juhan Parts: We’ve lost to Russia in the propaganda warDec 08, 2006By TBT staffTALLINN - Estonia is on the losing end of the propaganda war with Russia, former Prime Minister Juhan Parts said on Thursday Dec 7.
Parts said that Estonia at this point has no clear-cut mission in foreign policy, it lacks initiative and acquiesces in mirroring the policy of large European nations.
Parts described Estonia’s foreign policy of recent years as mediocre and lacking ambition.
such a sale is the worst possible.
Estonia’s Economic Minister Juhan Parts said on Saturday that the new ports would contribute to the creation of healthy competition, without which a market economy will be impossible.
It opens up good opportunities for cooperation among ports in the Baltic region and their more successful work in conditions of the global market,” Juhan Parts said at a meeting with the Governor of the Leningrad region Valery Serdyukov.
In Ojuland's case, the Reform Party was dissatisfied that Parts had opted to publicly announce the decision to sack the minister instead of privately asking Ojuland to resign from her post.
Former Prime Minister Juhan Parts was forced out of office in March this year.
At the end of the day, you can't cook a better soup in one part of the pot than the other," Minister of the Economic Affairs and Communications Juhan Parts said when asked about the Estonian economy's prospects for recovery.
But, understandably, Parts is keen to clamp down on talk about a grand sell-off any time soon.
As for the borsch-eaters to the east, Parts says Estonia shouldn't lose too much sleep about the economic consequences of offering such staunch support to Georgia.
Foreign policy needs to be explained to people, in this regard Lang has more potential than the dismissed foreign minister,” Parts said on a Kanal 2 talk show on Thursday in reference to the former minister, Kristiina Ojuland, whom he sacked last week.