Minister of Internal Affairs Juri Pihl of Estonia

Employment contract of Pihl is made for five years.
Pihl said earlier that his scope would broaden in the new job- in which he will be able to boost the development of the justice system.
Juri Pihl said that his change of job did not entail a wish to stand for political jobs in future.
Pihl said that in visa talks with the United States Estonia intends to observe the principles outlined by the European Union last week.
Asked whether the present Minister of Interior aspires to the same purpose, Rahumagi replied that he did not know whether Pihl is guided by the same aims in his work.
Commenting on the EU criticism, Pihl has stated at a press conference that there is a provision in the memorandum, according to which the USA are supposed to respect Estonia's responsibilities before the European Union.
Pihl said that in the conditions of open borders it was important to ensure a common approach in order to thus fight against the use of illagal labor and illegal immigration.
Interior Minister Juri Pihl said that the speed of processing misdemeanor procedures should also be reviewed.