Minister of Social Affairs Maret Maripuu of Estonia

Giving an overview of the preparations to the government on Thursday, Social Affairs Minister Maret Maripuu said at the government's press conference that 53 health ministers and 18 finance ministers were expected to the conference.
Maripuu said that the conference would pass the WHO Tallinn Charter on world health.
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of disability benefits may be late.
Maripuu has blamed the IT system for failure to pay out disability pensions.
In a press release issued today Estonias Minister of Social Affairs Maret Maripuu said that the regulations adopted on Thursday will create preconditions for the gradual transition to e-health.
The EU constitution has been ratified with 73 votes for and one against," deputy speaker of parliament Maret Maripuu said Tuesday to the applause of lawmakers present in the single-chamber, 101-seat parliament.
Maripuu said that according to a recent survey both the employees at the establishments as well as customers, are satisfied with the restrictions on smoking.