Minister of Justice Rein Lang of Estonia

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Lang is in cohabitation with Ulvi Kuusk, whom he met in 1979, and has a teenage (as of 2007) daughter.
In 2005, Lang was the minister of Foreign Affairs for two months, from February to April.
As the Estonian Minister of Justice, Lang was involved in the Constitutional Pilsener project.
Lang has disputed this characterisation, and implied that Toomas Leito, leader of the Estonian Newspaper Association, was following a policy of But you are lynching Negroes.
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ISTR that Lang was one of the authors of the Constitution of 1992.
I sourced this to the fact that Rein Lang is a current minister of justice.
Foreign policy needs to be explained to people, in this regard Lang has more potential than the dismissed foreign minister,” Parts said on a Kanal 2 talk show on Thursday in reference to the former minister, Kristiina Ojuland, whom he sacked last week.
To my mind, Lang has realized that he cannot say anything that occurs to him in every situation.
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Lang has been a member of the Reform Party since 1995.
Lang is without question the most outspoken and direct politician in Estonia right now.
Rein Lang was trolling, and Russia took the bait.
of terror", Estonian Justice Minister Rein Lang said Thursday.
But Estonia remains a divided country, despite a free and thriving economy.
Lang said the evidence was not clear.
We're inclined to view such things as acts of terror, just as the Americans view them now, Lang said at a press conference.
Justice Minister Rein Lang said the new corporate law was copied from the US.
Justice Minister Rein Lang said US representatives at their meeting today promised their all-round support to the the building of the center.
Estonia will propose at a meeting of European Union justice ministers next week that the bloc consider cyber attacks as "acts of terror", Estonian Justice Minister Rein Lang said on Thursday.
Lang said the bill represents the Justice Ministry's vision of how public service should function in the future.
established himself as one of the Legislature's most outspoken leaders.
seniors, women, working families and education.
efforts to weaken worker compensation laws.
Lang is considered the expert in the Illinois General Assembly on the important issue of mental health, and he has passed significant legislation in this area.