Minister of Education and Research Tonis Lukas of Estonia

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Lukas joined Pro Patria Union in 1992 and was elected to Tartu City Council the next year.
Tõnis Lukas is a member of the Estonian Vocational Education Promotion Union, Society of Friends of Estonian National Museum, Estonian Heritage Society and Learned Estonian Society.
Tõnis Lukas is married and a proud father of two daughters.
Lukas is asking children from around the world to send in recordings of no more than seven words in their local language, to be compared with recordings of Estonian.
TALLINN, Nov 24, BNS - Estonian Education and Research Minister Tonis Lukas finds that creation of a university network under the name of Estonian University should be seriously considered, and the idea is supported by some University rectors, the daily Eesti Paevaleht reported.
Lukas said that the universities would urgently need to unite their forces in several spheres, because to compete for the sake of competition alone was not the most sensible thing to do.
Lukas said that he expected understanding the situation also from universities.
There's a legend that once a world championship of the beauty of languages was held, in which Estonian took second place after Italian with the sentence 'sхida tasa ьle silla' (Go slowly over the bridge)," Lukas said on Monday.
Lukas expressed hope that other nations will actively take part in the virtual contest, even though there will be no medals.
Parliament) in 1995-1996, in 1999, and in 2003-2007.
Lukas has issues with the Soviet regime he has nothing else to do than go to Stalins grave and start kicking but going after the Russian minority shows a man that his right place is not the seat of an education minister but a psychiatric clinic.
Education Minister Tõnis Lukas said the legislation will bear real fruits when Estonia joins the EU.
Theres a story that a world championship of beautiful languages was once held in which Estonian took second place after Italian with the sentence soida tasa ule silla, or go slowly over the bridge, Lukas said Monday.