Minister of Population Affairs Urve Palo of Estonia

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Urve Palo visits Finnjoy04 Jul 2008 Adu RaudkiviUrve Palo is a tall elegant lady in her early thirties who is also the Minister of Population and Ethnic Affairs in the Estonian government.
Palo was accompanied by her ad hoc local ministerial staff, Avo Kittask, President of the Estonian Central Council, Markus Hess, founder of Black Ribbon Day and Aho Rebas from Sweden.
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In her presentation of the new integration program on Monday, Population Minister Urve Palo said that the program envisaged favorable terms for increasing the number of citizens and that the country had been successful if after the expiry of the program the number of stateless persons had declined and that of Estonian citizens had increased.
Palo said that the policy of the state was to favor growth in the number of citizens, but it would be good if the growth would remain at the present level.
Palo said that integration was an on-going project which had to be consistently continued and it was not possible to say at any given moment of time that the integration process was completed.
Palo said the launching of a Russian-language ETV2 program was of vital importance in bringing the non-Estonian population of the country into the Estonian information field.
but the law of citizenship should be brought up to date.
At the meeting, Minister of Population Affairs Urve Palo expressed her conviction that if people in Estonia feel comfortable with each other they will adopt the country and contribute to its development.
Report calls out underachieving ministerJul 09, 2008By Marge Tubalkain-TrellUNDER PRESSURE: Palo is not coming up to scratch say critics.
Urve Palo said in her announcement that out of 28 goals set for 2007, 26 have been nearly or completely fulfilled.