Minister of Justice Hailu Berhan of Ethiopia

Information Minister Berhan said on Friday 24 people were killed in three days of unrest.
Speaking at a conference held here on Thursday in connection with the observances of World Press Freedom Day, Berhan said every stakeholder should exert concerted efforts for the development of press freedom in Ethiopia.
Berhan said what makes unique the event this year, it was observed in the aftermath of the victory achieved over the Somalia terrorist groups and eve of the celebration of the new Ethiopian millennium and successive economic development attained by the country.
Berhan said that the public relation sector plays significance role in making Ethiopia competent and beneficiary in the global economic system.
Berhan is learning letter sounds and sight words, and Hailu reads in both English and Amharic, the boys' native tongue.
Berhan said the ministry releases statements on the position of the government and organises press conference to foreign journalists in order to inform them in various issues.
With regard to the use of mass media by political parties, Berhan said that the political parties are using air time and news paper pages to promote their political programs in accordance with the allocation made by the National Electoral Board.
democratic culture has been developing in Ethiopia.
Friday 24 people were killed in three days of unrest.
violence, but he blamed it on the main opposition party.
Berhan said he was unable to confirm CUD's claims on numbers arrested or if anyone had been killed.
Minister Berhan said the trainees should be able to play roles to help their country achieve durable peace and stability.