Deputy Prime Minister Legesse Addisu of Ethiopia

Since the appeal of ethnicity as an instrument of political mobilization is largely seductive because of its emotional content, Addisu was hoping a large number of "Amharas" would flock to listen to his development plans in the region he purportedly represents.
Those who attended the meeting and confronted him reported that Addisu was arrogant, abrasive, immature in his response.
In the absence of his Agazi bodyguards and in consideration for his safety from the Ethiopians he came to visit, Addisu was given secret service protection.
Outside the meeting hall Addisu was confronted by angry Ethiopians who called him "Ante Leba, etc.
Addisu is scheduled to visit Seattle, where he is very likely to face a strong protest by resident Ethiopians.
Addisu is a person who has made a selfless sacrifice for the emanicipation of our people from tyranny.
Holding a discussion with members of a delegation from Chinese Agriculture Minister and China Central Television (CCTV) in his office today, Addisu said Ethiopia is learning a lot from China, a country which has developed its agriculture utilizing technology.
hurdles to the democratic process under way in Ethiopia.
Ato Addisu is cognizant of the security threats (just as Russia, India, Indonesia, America, Egypt or even Jordan is), but he elaborated that fear will not deter his nation from marching forward.
In conclusion, Id like to say that the industrious and charismatic delegation led by Ato Addisu has buoyed up a lot of people, including some disbelievers, with the knowledge that Ethiopia is at last marching forward.
Darius, In the land of no justice where Murderers are law makers and judge Addisu is well Protected but not in US where justice is true.
One thing I would like to remined you is that Addisu is one of the few Ethiopians who succesfully fought the brutal derge regime.
It is to be recalled that the US and Rwanda had issued recommendations one of which demanded that Eritrean forces pull out of the invaded localities which should be returned to the administration that existed prior to May 12 This being the case, Ato Addisu said the Eritrean government presented a new set of proposals at Ouagadougou which demanded that the disputed area be not only demilitarized, but also put under a third body until it is returned to the legitimate owner after the conflict is resolved.
Ato Addisu said this is a demonstration of an indeterminate and wavering position adding that the new proposals are full of treachery, besides lacking objectivity.
Addisu was also joined by Central Statical Agency's director general Samiya Zekaria in responding to quereis posed by the MPs.
Little did these idiots know that they were in for a treat! We ended up leaving the venue that was originally intended, for the hotel that Addisu was staying at.
Ato Addisu said in a report to the House of Peoples' Representatives today (17 Jan) that the colleges have already enrolled 10,000 students as of November whereas the remaining 5,000 trainees were expected to join them beginning March.
Opening "Hortiflora Ethiopia 2007" international exhibition on Wednesday, Addisu said the government has taken significant steps in providing investment incentives, infrastructure expansion, land availability and reform of government services, among others to assist the sector.
Addisu said the government would continue to help the sector by availing trained agronomists from various universities.
Even Deputy Prime Minister Addisu accepts that they have been slow to address the underlying structural problems that caused the crisis in the first place.