Minister of Foreign Affairs Mesfin Seyoum of Ethiopia

But truth has its way of coming out.
With a club in hand, Seyoum is now chasing foreign correspondents like Mr.
treating the country with a "slow-death approach.
In a VOA interview, Seyoum said that as the current head of the.
Minister Seyoum said that Ethiopia now believed it had become necessary for the Security Council to take action to discharge its responsibilities under the Charter of the United Nations and under the Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities.
Seyoum is implying the released Kinijit leaders are violating their so called pardon and its conditions, by advocating for the respect and full re-instatement of the Ethiopian Constitution.
Seyoum is highly mistaken about the bill and its effect on Ethiopia.
Seyoum has been clearly manifested in his recent interview.
Seyoum is a product of the rebel movement without formal training, experience, or education for his position, and lets also put aside the fact that the Minister is not known for his oratorical skills.
Born in Tigray Province, Seyoum has a science training and academic background, gained first at Bahar Dar Polytechnic Institute and later from his four-year tenure at the Science Faculty of Addis Ababa University.
In a VOA interview, Seyoum said that as the current head of the East African regional grouping IGAD.
the Science Faculty of Addis Ababa University.
Seyoum is married and has four children.
Holding discussion with the delegation here on Wednesday, Seyoum said relation between Ethiopia and Turkey is growing from time to time with the business community acting like an engine for renewed relation between the two countries.
Ato Seyoum said that Ethiopia has become the fourth non aligned country in the region after Sudan, Yemen and Djibouti to face the belligerence of the Eritrean regime.
Describing the challenge as complex, Ato Seyoum said Eritrea is small country which appears to have the grandiose ambition of a major power and which has no respect for international law at all.
Continuing his speech, Ato Seyoum said his government deeply regrets that this crisis which was imposed on Ethiopia by Eritrea has coincided with the development of an extremely dangerous situation that has come to affect the Great Lakes Region, a region whose political instability has enormous implications for Africa as a whole and beyond, and which has witnessed recently the most barbaric genocide in recent history.
In conclusion, Foreign Minister Seyoum expressed his hope that the Non- Aligned Movement, whose objectives and principles remain valid, will help establish a new international order, free from war, poverty, injustice, and a world based on the full and scrupulous respect for the rule of law.
Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin has described the Algiers proximity talks as success, and said that he hoped the Ethiopian leadership would endorse it in a few days time.
Seyoum said Ethiopia stood ready to provide its soldiers to an African Union-backed peacekeeping force for Somalia, which has never got off the ground and has been a major source of friction keeping the Somali government split into two factions.
The Somali government must have help if it hopes to establish security and development, which Seyoum said were essential for getting a rein on terrorists that now operate freely amid the anarchy.
Seyoum said President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and his successive prime ministers had "not managed to create any institutions of governance to speak of" since they came to power in December 2006.
Of course no one could assume that, speaking now on behalf of my country, Ethiopia will continue to keep its troops in Somalia," Seyoum said in Nairobi.
Seyoum said South Sudan Ethiopian neighboring regions have common culture and values.
Seyoum said Ethiopia and Sudan have signed memorandum of understanding that would enable them to further strengthening their relation and to augment the border development cooperation.
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Despite his dissatisfaction with the Somali cabinet, Foreign Minister Seyoum was thrilled with the partaking of Secretary Rice in the consultation, which according to him is a strong indication of the US commitment to Africa.
Seyoum said Ethiopia does not need anyones support to protect itself from the Jihad that the UIC declared on the country.