Minister of Energy and Mines Tegenu Alemayehu of Ethiopia

Alemayehu said the ongoing construction of five power generating projects in the country would enable the country generate 3,200 MW electric power in the coming few years.
Alemayehu said the project of north Ethiopias Tekeze hydroelectric station, being mainly carried out by Sinohydro Corporation, has been progressing very well, adding that the Tekeze power station will be completed and generate electricity in August this year.
Alemayehu said the fuel stations in the regional states will also start to sell the blended fuel after sometime adding the amount of ethanol in the blended fuel would be increased to 10 % in the future.
Minister Alemayehu said Fincha will start to supply the ethanol for the local market to be used to make the blended fuel.
Alemayehu said the land identified by the ministry was not a farming land.
Alemayehu said participants of the meeting have agreed to start working together to change the existing scenario and tap the power potential.
Alemayehu said his ministry has designed a five-year strategic plan, adding that oil exploration and development are important elements of the strategic plan.
midst of these shortages, Ethiopia is capable of exporting electric power.
The licenses were granted to 42 private companies engaged in large-scale mining operations, 14 of which are foreign, 21 are joint ventures, and seven local, Alemayehu said at a symposium on the petroleum and mining sectors.
Alemayehu said his ministry is making all efforts to attract more foreign investors in the petroleum and mining sectors during the new Ethiopian millennium.
Alemayehu said that the Gilgel-Gibe II power station, which has the capacity to generate 420 MW, was already behind schedule by more than a year due to the fault in the geological formation of the ground where the 25.
Alemayehu praised Tewodros for his effort to bring foreign investment to Ethiopia.
Alemayehu said the Ogaden basin was a prospective area for petroleum discovery.
oil exploration and development are important elements of the strategic plan.
hydroelectric power projects in the coming four years.