Minister of Capacity Building Walwa Tefera of Ethiopia

In response, Tefera said that the verification or technical validation will be carried out by a group of experts drawn from the National Bank, the Statistics Agency and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED.
Tefera said that after the consultative meetings, a plan of action will be prepared in order to implement whatever recommendations will be forwarded.
Especially, Tefera is very famous for accusing Amharas whom he said fighting for but he is the second person in the Amhara organization.
Tefera said stakeholders are expected to discuss thoroughly on the report and come up with their comments before the federal council submits it to the continental body that is the African Peer Review Council.
At first, Tefera had tried to shift the right to the two stated stakeholders rather than the interference of the national council.
After a common consensus on the consultation meeting from all stakeholders, Tefera said the national council accepted it and said it will handle the matter.
Tefera has even gone to the extent of calling the University a hiding place for subversives and supporters of the Derg regime.
Ato Tefera said that girls’ enrollment has reached 59.
Tefera said the Chinese volunteers stay in Ethiopia is believed to bring the relations of the two nations to a higher stage.
Speaking at a farewell ceremony held at the Ministry of Capacity building on Monday, Tefera said the activity of the Chinese volunteers in Ethiopia is a demonstration of China’s commitment to bolster its relations with Ethiopia.
redouble efforts towards getting the world rid off this terrible scourge.
Speaking at the closing here yesterday of the two-day seminar that discussed ways to ensure the participation of the various offices both at federal and state level in the reform programme, Ato Tefera said much is expected from the bureaux for the success of the programme.
Ato Tefera said the civil service should be restructured in a manner that it serves the public.