President Woldegiorgis Girma of Ethiopia

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Girma was re-elected as President on 9 October 2007.
During the first regular meeting of the third year term of the HPR that nominated Girma to serve as president of the country for the coming six years, government whip with the rank of Minister at the HPR, Shiferaw Jarso said President Girma has efficiently discharged his responsibilities during his first term in office.
Shiferaw while outlining activities of President Girma in office noted that in addition to playing role in promoting the positive image of the country, President Girma has contributed a lot in facilitating ways through which Ethiopia could create good relation with the outside world.
President Girma has been efficiently discharging his responsibilities through encouraging development efforts creating good communication with nations and nationalities, he said.
Speaker of the House, Ambassador Teshome Toga during the joint session of the HPR and the House of Federation made the remark that President Girma has efficiently undertook his responsibilities through creating smooth relation with the public.
During the first regular meeting of the third year term of the house, government whip with the rank of Minister at the House of Representatives, Shiferaw Jarso said "President Girma has efficiently carried out his responsibilities during his first 6-year stay in office.
President Girma has contributed a lot in facilitating ways through which Ethiopia could create better relation with the out side world and within the country by creating good communication.
The remark was echoed by house speaker Teshome Toga as saying, President Girma has efficiently undertook his duties and responsibilities through creating smooth relation with the public and with foreign nations.
Many politicians agree that, the recent historic pardon grant, Girma, signed to opposition leaders is a historic move he took to bring national reconciliation and political tolerance among rival parties in the nation.
President Girma said the people should rally behind the government in taking the peace proposal to its implementation, which will signify the expansion of development, nation building and improvement of livelihoods of the grassroots by closing in on confrontational attitudes.
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Girma has been a member of the House of Peoples' Representatives following his victory in the May 2000 general elections in Becho constituency, West Shoa, Oromiya.
Girma was elected to the Chamber of Deputies representing the Lideta and Keraniyo districts in Addis Ababa.
Girma had endeavoured for Ethiopia's membership in the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) and was later voted to be the vice president of the 52nd assembly of the union.
Girma had also served as board member of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society and the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce.
Girma is most known as environmental activist as he founded Lem Ethiopia, an environmental protection society, in which he is vice president of the board currently.
Speaking after his election, President Girma said the peaceful transfer of power heralds the ever-strengthening of the democratic order that has prevailed in the country.
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Girma said the Ethiopian government has begun the necessary preparation for the festival.
President Girma said the program that Melka Association is undertaking under Segni program in schools to traditionally prevent deforestation has helped students to become responsive to their culture and country.
In his message in Hibre-Biher, a magazine published by the House of Federation (HoF) in connection with the nations, nationalities and people day, President Girma said that the celebration is an event that demonstrates the diversity of the Ethiopian people in their language, culture and other values.
Girma has won his competitor Professor Beyene Petros through democratic nomination.
Meto Aleqa Girma was also showing some face of glee but for some reason it looked like he was crying.
In an interview he gave to journalists, Girma said the public in collaboration with the government should continue to strive day and night toward ensuring sustainable peace and development.
Girma was re-electedEthiopian presidential election, 2007 A presidential election was held in Ethiopia on October 9 2007, in which the Ethiopian Parliament re-elected Girma Wolde-Gio.
Woldegiorgis Girma was relatively unknown abroad when the national parliament elected him by a unanimous vote as President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in October 2001.
Girma is not giving GUBO only to the governments.
Eiji Tokuno, director for Africa of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), President Girma said absence of peace in neighboring countries would negatively impact the peace in Ethiopia.
Girma has held different levels of government positions in Ethiopia for more than half a century, dating back to the 1940s where he served as Lieutenant and also joined the air force during the rule of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.
Girma said hasconsistently expressed its intention to instigate war with Ethiopia.
Girma said Ethiopia has little choice but to respond with its own military buildup.