Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Yohannes Dawit of Ethiopia

The Ethiopian parliament and government all along adhere to theone-China policy, and considers it a matter of course for China toachieve peaceful reunification, Dawit said when meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Lin Lin.
Dawit was also known for his patronage of Amharic folk songs, building an amusement hall in the Royal Enclosure where he could hear ministrels perform, for which he was known as "Dawit the Singer.
Dawit said it was the interest of the Ethiopian government and the people that peace should prevail in the sub-region, adding that Ethiopia also attaches paramount importance to the reduction of poverty.
For his part, HPR speaker Dawit said enhancing football at a better stage would be possible as long as there is commitment on the part of the people for 40 million of the 70 people in Ethiopia are youth.
Dawit said the Ethiopian government is desirous to work with FIFA to strengthen football in Ethiopia.
Dawit said that in the context of poverty, corruption plays a tremendous role in holding US backward.