Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forests Jainend Kumar of Fiji

Jainendra Kumar is a Fijian civil servant and political leader of Indian descent.
Interim Agriculture Minister Jainend Kumar said the annual consumption of milk was about 80million litres with about 10-12million litres of milk produced locally while the rest was imported.
Mr Kumar said with the necessary feed and supplement, the ministry hoped to achieve an improved quantity and quality of milk in the country.
Fiji's former interim Agriculture Minister Jainend Kumar says he will contest the 2009 General Elections if approached by a political partyIt all depends, if a party approaches me then I will contest, Kumar told fijilive.
Kumar said he wants to return to politics and serve the people of Fiji.
Kumar said he also wants to serve God and that it can only be done by serving the country.
Kumar said today is his last day in office andhe plans to spend some time with his family.
For the past seven years, Kumar has been planting all types of vegetables on his 10-acre freehold piece of land.
Kumar is pleased with the variety of pawpaw recommended by Ministry of Agriculture as it bears more fruit per plant and has a good taste.
Former Interim Minister for Agriculture, Jainend Kumar said this is something that the Interim Prime Minister had to do and his decision is paramount.
Fiji’s new Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry interim minister Jainend Kumar is honoured to have accepted the position in the interim Government.
Kumar said while he would be taking his new job as a challenge he was looking forward to it.
Kumar said another important aspect is to ensure that is more on a commercial basis than a subsistence one.
The Interim Minister for Agriculture Jainend Kumar says his Ministry has achieved most of its goals set in 2007.
Kumar says farmers must work harder in the coming year utilizing Government’s incentives for farmers.
Kumar says proposals such as turning produces, which do not meet standards to other products, will be given preference next year.
Kumar said he is concerned at the lack of interest and initiative shown by local farmers and stakeholders in the rice industry in addressing the issue.